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Trendlyne Review 2023: Is the subscription worth it?

Created on 20 Jul 2023

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Updated on 24 Jul 2023

Are you trying to stay ahead of the market's constant changes by making wiser investment decisions? Explore Trendlyne, a platform for investing that provides a multitude of tools and information to help with stock analysis, portfolio tracking, and real-time news feed access. Discover how Trendlyne's comprehensive user interface, custom stock screeners, and technical analysis tools can empower you to navigate the financial landscape with confidence. But hold on! There is an alternative that guarantees value and simplicity. Discover the features of the all-in-one solution at the conclusion of this article. Let's begin by immediately becoming familiar with Trendlyne.

Introduction to Trendlyne: What is it, and how does it work?

Trendlyne is an investment platform that helps investors select and analyse stock through their screener, F&O (with option screeners). It provides other features like mutual fund portfolio tools, watchlists, and real-time news feeds. Trendlyne seeks to assist individuals in making informed investment decisions by providing them with the necessary data and tools to evaluate stocks, track portfolios, and remain current on market trends.

User Interface and Navigation

Trendlyne boasts a highly detailed and comprehensive user interface, offering a wealth of information that can benefit users. However, the abundance of data can also make navigating the website a tedious experience. While the colour gradient on the home page of Trendlyne is visually appealing, the page itself tends to be excessively long, potentially affecting user engagement.

The platform is organised into various sections, including markets, alerts, futures and options, mutual funds, research reports, screeners, superstars, portfolios, watchlists, and result dashboards. Each of these sections contains intricate subheadings that delve deeper into specific topics. Although using a monochromatic colour scheme for the subheads maintains consistency, it may contribute to a monotonous navigation experience.

Stock Analysis Features

Trendlyne offers a range of stock analysis features that provide valuable insights to investors. These features include:

1. Stock Screener: Trendlyne provides investors with multiple stock screeners, such as DVM stock screeners and financials live stock screeners. These screeners offer a wide range of parameters, allowing investors to filter and narrow down stocks based on their specific criteria.

2. Stock Checklists: Stocks are evaluated using a checklist that considers various factors, including financials, ownership, valuation, momentum, and relative performance. The checklist assesses the stock's performance on each criterion and provides a pass or fail percentage, giving investors an overall assessment of the stock.

3. Verified DVM Stock Scores: The DVM scores provided by Trendlyne consist of three individual scores representing Durability, Valuation, and Momentum. These scores offer insights into different aspects of a stock's performance and assist investors in evaluating its suitability for their portfolio. Stocks are categorised as High DVM, Mid DVM, or Low DVM, allowing investors to identify potential investment opportunities based on these scores.

4. SWOT Analysis: Trendlyne employs the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis methodology to assess stocks. The built-in screeners on Trendlyne are classified into SWOT categories, providing investors with a comprehensive understanding of a stock's position and potential.

5. Forecast Estimates: Trendlyne's dashboard includes forecast estimates for stocks. Investors can access parameters such as the highest bullish or bearish forecasts, enabling them to make informed investment decisions based on these predictions.

Stock Ratings and Recommendations

Trendlyne does not give stock recommendations but instead provides them with stock analysis. To compare various stocks, trendlyne has DVM scores for each stock page, Piotrowski score (score based on financials), Buy/ Sell zone, valuation metrics in fundamental analysis, and momentum in technical analysis. 

How to use Trendlyne to manage and track your investments 

1. With the help of the portfolio overview, you may evaluate the performance of specific stocks across a range of periods, including one week, one month, three months, and one year.

2. Portfolio Analysis feature provides a comprehensive overview of various parameters, such as the overall performance of your portfolio compared to a consolidated benchmark, essential statistics, and the best-performing and worst-performing stocks within your portfolio. Additionally, it highlights the top earners and stocks with favourable valuations in your portfolio.

3. With the help of the Portfolio NAV function, you can view the Net Asset Value of the companies in your portfolio and see the returns over several time frames, including one, three, six, and twelve months.

4. Portfolio Pivot categorises your portfolio based on the size of the companies, such as large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, and unclassified companies.

Custom Stock Screens

Step to create a custom stock screener

  1. Click on “screeners” from the given tabs.
  2. Select “create stock screener.”
  3. Make a query and try it using “Try this query” as shown below:-
  4. Now select Step 2, you can add any title or description.
  5. Now you can see your custom screeners in “My Screener”

News and Events

Trendlyne's news and event section provides a valuable resource for investors to stay updated on the latest developments across various sectors. It offers news coverage from diverse industries including agriculture, banks, crude oil, and more. By offering a wide range of sector-specific news, Trendlyne ensures that investors have access to comprehensive and up-to-date information that can directly impact their investment decisions. This feature serves as a reliable source of news and keeps investors well-informed about the latest happenings in the sectors they are interested in.

A detailed overview of Trendlyne's technical analysis tools

Investors or traders can utilise the Technical Screener to apply a range of technical parameters for screening stocks and conducting technical analysis. This tool offers several options, such as Moving Averages, MACD, RSI, MFI, and the 52-Week Range, among others, to assist in the screening process.

Features of Trendlyne’s Technical Analysis tools are as follows:-

1. Simple Moving Averages- By averaging a certain price range over a predetermined number of periods, simple moving averages are generated. With the aid of this technical indicator, traders may predict if an asset's price will maintain its current trend or perhaps even turn around from a bullish or bearish trend. Stocks that have recently surpassed their SMA-30, 50, 200 (Simple Moving Averages) are found using a technical screener.
2. The Trendlyne Momentum Score identifies a stock's bullish or bearish characteristics. Each stock's daily calculation takes more than 30 different technical indicators into account. A stock is said to have a strong momentum score if its score is greater than 50. Within the Momentum feature, you have access to comprehensive technical information about a stock, including RSI, MFI, MACD, MACD Signal line, Trendlyne Momentum Score, and Delivery% volume Avg Week.

  • RSI (Relative Strength Index) quantifies the price momentum's change for the stock.
  • MFI (Money Flow Index) assesses the stock's price and volume, indicating whether it is overbought or oversold.
  • MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) serves as a technical indicator, measuring price changes.
  • MACD Signal line showcases the stock's trend, enabling identification of whether it is currently exhibiting a bullish or bearish movement.

3. EMA, which stands for Exponential Moving Average, describes trends seen over a given period of time. The last trade price (LTP) with respect to several EMA periods, such as LTP above 20 Days EMA, LTP above 26 Days EMA, LTP above 50 Days EMA, and LTP above 200 Days EMA, is provided to investors. Investors can evaluate the current price position in relation to other EMA averages using these comparisons.

Pricing and Value

Trendlyne is a high-cost investment platform that offers a range of valuable features such as stock screeners, DVM scores, forecasters, and watchlists for research purposes. However, its premium price tag and the need for specific knowledge to navigate and fully utilize the platform can be significant barriers for many users. For beginners or laypeople, understanding the intricacies of Trendlyne's stock analysis and becoming proficient in using its user interface may require a substantial amount of time and effort.

Fortunately, Finology’s Ticker can assist investors in selecting the best options without the steep learning curve or cost associated with Trendlyne. These alternatives offer user-friendly interfaces and simplified tools to help individuals make informed investment decisions, making them more accessible to a wider range of users.

Finology’s One

Finology's One is a comprehensive subscription package that offers a suite of powerful financial tools designed to assist investors. Among its four products, "Ticker" stands out as a feature-rich investment platform tailored to meet the needs of various types of investors. Its standout feature is the carefully curated bundles, which cater to different risk appetites. Tickerplus boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring that even individuals without extensive financial knowledge can easily conduct research and navigate the platform effectively.

Aside from Tickerplus, Finology's One includes other valuable products that further empower investors. "Recipe" serves as a comprehensive financial planning platform, providing users with a range of features to make well-informed decisions. The platform utilises its proprietary "DEEPSCAN'' framework to analyse stocks and offers over 50 stock reports, helping to identify potential wealth-destroying stocks and providing valuable insights.
The subscription also encompasses "Quest," an educational platform that provides with courses related to finance and investing, they offer you with trending courses every month, they also provide downloadable notes with every course, also you get flashcards for revising your concepts which proves beneficial in enhancing users' financial knowledge and expertise. Additionally, "Insider" acts as an unbiased platform, curating relevant financial news and articles for finance professionals.

In summary, Finology's One offers investors a robust suite of tools, including Tickerplus with its curated bundles, Recipe for financial planning and stock analysis, Quest for continuous learning, and Insider for curated financial news. With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, Finology's One aims to simplify the investment process and empower individuals to make informed financial decisions. 

The Bottom Line

Offering a complete investment platform with stock analysis tools, personalised screeners, and technical analysis features, Trendlyne enables investors to make knowledgeable choices in the volatile market. Although it offers an extensive amount of data, some users may find the complexity and premium pricing concerning. In contrast, Finology's One with its user-friendly Tickerplus package provides simplicity, useful features, and curated bundles to cater to varied risk appetites, making it an appealing option for investors seeking accessible and useful tools to navigate the financial world. So why settle for puzzling over stock picks when you can Tickerplus your way to investment stardom? Happy investing! 🚀😄

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