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Insider's Conception

Why we came up with Insider?

Best financial news, research and articles
The Problem: Journalism

Finance has become boring, thanks to flat, bland factual content. Journalism has strayed from the truth and turned to sensationalism. While the world saw the collapse of two realms to ashes, Finology raised a phoenix out of it with Insider.

stock reports, market research and analysis
Introducing Insider

Insider is the best of both worlds (literally), adding excitement to boring old finance and bringing the truth back to journalism. With research that pokes at the big bears and bulls alike and content that pokes at your curiosity, Insider uncovers stories and ugly numbers that other platforms scare away from.

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Insider, with some extra spice.

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Elite takes everything that Insider has to offer, and adds more to it. Welcome to the new era of financial journalism with Insider’s Elite. Everything you know and love about Insider’s articles, with a hint of storytelling. Tales on rags to riches and the other way around and everything in between, uncover the secret stories of businesses with Elite.

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Get your fill of financial news in 80 words or less.

short daily news on stock market, finance and economy

You’re here to read, but reading takes time. And we get it, you’re a busy person with a lot to do. So, while we suggest you make some time in your daily routine to add a little zing to it with Insider, we also brought a little something extra for you.Short, opinionated and quick! No, we’re not talking about their authors; we are talking about Bullets by Insider. In 80 words or less, find out what the financial market is talking about, but with an added Insider “twist”.

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Make a stash, and read at your convenience.

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Did you find an article you liked, couldn’t finish, and want to return to? Fret not, dear reader; Insider has you covered with the “Bookmarks” feature. You can find the Bookmark button next to your article (desktop) or at the end of the article (mobile).

Articles you bookmark will appear in the order of their upload.

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Create a custom feed based on what you want to read.

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There is no such thing as too much information in the pursuit of knowledge. However, everything, all at once, can be a bit overwhelming. So why not curate a list of topics in finance that you like? With the Insider's Explore feature, you can select up to 10 points of interest that you like. The Explore section will now be populated with all the articles Insider has to offer on your selected topics.

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For an uninterrupted reading experience.

a feature explaining difficult terms on finance and stock market

Whether it’s a good book or a brilliant article by Insider, you would not want to reach for a dictionary or a new tab whenever a difficult word pops up, would you? This is why we have created the Chatterbox for your informational convenience! Every Chatterbox has a littlemark next to it. Hover over the word and find a little hidden information to help you on your reading journey.

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Don’t just accumulate new information; spread it around!

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While we encourage you to share any and all article that you find informative, we understand that sometimes you want to share a specific line from it. It’s like making your friend listen to a specific part of the song instead of just sharing the song with them. So, should you ever come across a line in an article that you want to specifically share, you can do it as easily as just selecting the text and voila! You have a Tweet ready to go. So go ahead and flaunt your newfound knowledge!


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1. What is Insider?

Insider is your no-nonsense source of all information on Finance. The brashest member of the Finology family, Insider isn't afraid to say what others won't tell you. Merging Journalism with Finance, Insider brings you uncensored information, real thoughts and real opinions. What this means is that Insider will unearth crazy tactics, nasty tricks, and managerial misconduct, like, well... an Insider!

2. What are Bullets?

Bullets are your daily dose of crisp, spicy financial news, in 80 words or less. Get your hand on the market's pulse without haing to scroll through miles of boring, mind numbing numbers and data. Bullets are updated daily, so make sure to come back and check in regularly.

3. What is "Explore" feature?

Insider has over 1500 articles for you to read! We pride ourselves on this near encyclopedic collection of knowledge, but it can be a bit overwhelming to try and take it all in. Pace yourself with Explore. Pick up to 10 topics that interest you the most, and Insider will curate a custom feed for you containing all the articles we have to offer on that topic. It's like having a personal bookshelf inside a library!

4. What are Bookmarks?

Whether its for research or you just fell in love with our writing, being able to come back to certain articles to re-read them sure would be convenient. Whenever you come across such an article, just click the little bookmark icon near the article and voila! You've got a secret stache ready to present you with articles to resume reading, or read again just for the fun of it!

5. What is Chatterbox?

Reading about finance can get a little hectic at times. While we believe that the thirst for knowledge should always be quenched, we can't expect you to go look up every new word you come across. So, we introduced Chatterbox to be your little helper and give you quick and easy explanations to certain terms so your reading experience remains uninterrupted.

6. Can I write for Insider?

Think you have a little somethin-something you want to share with us and the rest of Insider's audience? Well then, join our creed of audacious writers and give writing for us a shot! Send in your work to and we'll see if your content is bold enough for Insider.

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