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India's Football Fever Immunity

Created on 30 Dec 2022

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Updated on 31 Dec 2022

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When I say (write) “football”, which country, player or league comes to your mind? India is probably not your first guess, I guess. Why can’t the country that rules the cricket world; be an average football team, let alone the best? And let me remind you, England created cricket and football, so that’s not the case if you’re thinking.

Yes, I have some pretty good questions, and yes, I have certain solutions, and yes, there is money involved! Geez, greedy much?

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Mutter "football" and his would be the first head to turn towards you. An anti-dullness copywriter that Akshat is, he has brought a starkly distinct writing style to Insider. Talk to him for an hour, and you can deliver legit speeches on Football, Mythology, Sneakers, Rap and whatnot!

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