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PET Neutral Machine- Recycle Plastic Bottles

Created on 16 Oct 2019

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Updated on 09 Oct 2020

PET Neutral Machine Recycles Plastic Bottles

On 23rd September 2019, the Indian Railways took another tiny step in helping India to become a greener country. The Mumbai – Delhi Rajdhani Express was carrying Biocrux plastic bottle crushing & flaking machine in its pantry car.

India’s 1st train with PET neutral Machine

Rajdhani Express became the 1st train in India to carry a plastic crushing machine on its journey. A total of 500 to 600 PET bottles that were used by passengers were collected by the rail staff and were recycled using the machine present on the train. The plastic bottles collected will be recycled into industrial flakes, which will be used as an additive substance in textile industries. 

Generally, the PET bottles used by passengers in trains are thrown on the tracks or at stations causing an environmental hazard. But now, due to this machine, it is getting recycled properly. The people inside the train had also welcomed this initiative. " This is the trial period for Rajdhani, and the response has been good in the last few days. We hope this can happen in all the trains running across the country", says Ajay Mishra, who is the CEO of Biocrux India.

Ajay was one of the 1st to implement the PET neutral concept in India. Biocrux was the 1st company to develop this kind of recycling machine in the year 2012. It was installed in Inorbit mall, Mumbai. As of now, Biocrux recycling machines are installed in more than 350+ locations across India. The National Green Tribunal has tested its machines and approved its usage in all major Railway Stations and Airports in India. Now, it’s present not only in these places but also in major tourist attractions and across developing cities like Ooty, Mysore, etc.

Because of the impact this initiative makes, the Government of India and many Corporate players have supported this initiative. Thus, this had led to a greater reach among the people. Corporates like Infosys, TCS have setup Biocrux machines on their campus. Industries like Parle Agro, Reliance, ONGC, Coco-Cola have also supported the use of these machines.

Machines with Technology

Biocrux machines can crush 300 PET bottles in an hour. All these machines are fitted with IoT based sensors that can track its work. Hence based on the demand, more machines can be placed in centers when needed. Biocrux is also trying to create awareness among people by explaining the use of these machines to students and other people. An active social media challenge with the name #PlasticBottleRecycleChallenge has been started by Biocrux, which is trending all over India.

Indian Economy on turning PET Neutral

With the focus on reducing plastic waste and become more greener, these initiatives bring about a positive impact on our economy. Recycling these bottles produces industrial flake, which is a raw material. This reduces the cost of manufacturing of various materials as these recycled raw goods bring down the development costs. Further, it brings new employment opportunities to people based on these recycling industries.

When plastic bottles weren't recycled, they were stored in massive landfills. Further, the cost of disposing them through other means was very high. Now with this recycling procedure, those costs get significantly reduced. The government can use these funds on other economic developments.

People must understand that the process of turning PET Neutral not only rests on the government and other industries but also with common people who must take the initiative to make sure that the PET bottles they use, get appropriately recycled.

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