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What will be the Impact of Alcohol Online Delivery in India?

Created on 22 Apr 2020

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Updated on 29 Aug 2020

Alcohol Online Delivery
Consumption of alcohol thought not good for us, we humans do it in a huge amount and yes many of us are addicted to it. Now in times of this emergency like lockdown for COVID 19 our government has decided to sell it online just like other products.

This step is very beneficial if we see it from government point of view because this intoxicated goods are taxed most and contributes a huge amount of money in the purse of state government and we are also getting reports that some of the people in our country are committing suicide and are suffering from post-withdrawal syndromes because they are not getting alcohol to consume.

There are many reports from Kerala and Maharashtra where we are seeing that some people are even selling their personal belongings and daily rations provided by government to buy alcohol from the persons who are selling it at a very high price without paying extra tax.

So if the government starts selling it online now then these problems will solve but it is very harmful if we look at this in a broader picture.

Our Indian culture is full of respect and traditions. Still there exist many families where elders do not consume liquor with their younger and it is shameful for the younger to consume liquor in front of elders or with them. If selling alcohol online takes place so after lockdown it will be difficult for the families to maintain this respect and traditions. 

As home delivery will take place there is a chance that the delivery man can be attacked by goons just for the bottles and we know that what a person can do if he does not get goods of which he is addicted too.

And we can never deny that the young generation knows how to use the internet very well. So there is a high chance that there will be a very bad influence in the young generation of our country because as children one always wants to do the prohibited things first.

And most importantly duplicate alcohol can be sold online. We will not have a chance to see and check that the bottle we are buying is good or not and can we consume it or not coz when an addict sees the bottle next thing he knows is to consume it and as we all know the duplicate liquor is really very harmful for human body and can even be life-taking.  

In many foreign countries as with many other categories of CPG, the road to buy for alcoholic beverages is not an easy one. Today's consumers have more options than ever before to find, search and buy products. While stores still play an important role in this process, much of that activity is taking place online. Online is the only area in which alcohol sales are steadily growing

For alcohol brands to survive in this increasingly fragmented market, they must be familiar with the various e-commerce channels and have a dedicated strategy for each. These strategies should include tactics that improve discovery and conversion.


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