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Flipkart Walmart Deal: Walmart India acquired by Flipkart

Created on 28 Jul 2020

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Updated on 08 Sep 2020

There is something called 'Fad.' This is a shorter version or rather the shortest version of fashion. Actually, fashion stays relatively longer than a fad. This is similar to 'getting viral,' which is becoming quite a thing these days. You would have noticed that all the stuff that gets viral stays only till the next thing gets viral. The fact of the matter is that fads stay for a short duration, but till the time they stay, people are just crazy about them. One such fad is e-commerce. You may remember that all the companies were trying to get into e-commerce, and it is still said to be the next big thing. But, looks like now the fad has changed to offline retail!

We are not at all saying that e-commerce has lost its glamour. We're just saying that now the fad is getting into offline retail, and there's a reason why we're saying this. You might have heard of the latest news about Flipkart acquiring a 100% stake in Walmart India. This acquisition is hinting towards the focus, shifting from e-commerce to offline retail. Just in case you are thinking, how can a single incident reckon such a huge strategic shift? You are missing out on a few important cues that we are going to tell you.

What's Behind Flipkart Acquiring Walmart India?

Walmart India used to operate 'Best Price' stores across 28 locations in the country that have now been acquired by Flipkart. The Best Price stores followed wholesale cash and carry model. Now, post the acquisition, Flipkart is about to launch 'Flipkart Wholesale, ' which is going to be a new digital marketplace. With this, Flipkart is targeting small businesses and MSMEs in India via the extension of its logistical, technological, and financial capabilities.

Let us also tell you that Walmart India was suffering losses from quite some time. With this acquisition, Walmart has tried exploring synergy with Flipkart, in which it holds a close to 77% stake. Confused? Let's give you a simpler explanation. Walmart International holds a majority stake in Flipkart. But, that doesn't give Walmart the power to control entire decision making. In short, Walmart International is different, and it is just an investor in Flipkart. Hence, Flipkart decided to acquire Walmart India (completely) and gain the upper hand in the grocery business that is already getting competitive.

Coming back to where we started from, the fad of offline retailing is gaining life. You see, Reliance Industries Limited is in talks with Future Retail to acquire the 'Big Bazar' stores. Amazon is interested in buying a stake in Reliance Retails and now Flipkart acquiring Walmart India. All these hints towards the fact that offline retail is probably going to boom in the near future. However, will Flipkart experience growth in leaps and bounds with its recent move? We'll have to wait and watch.

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What is investing?

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