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"AC default temp 24": Government of India

Created on 20 Jan 2020

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Updated on 13 Oct 2020

government controlling common man's ac temperature to 24 degrees

The default temperature setting for your AC will now be 24 degrees Celsius. But, why is the government interested in controlling your AC temperature? Read and find out below.

Probably a petition might soon be filed in the Supreme Court regarding ‘Right to AC Temperature’! We know it sounds weird but, that’s the likely consequence if Government of India keeps up its spirit to control our AC temperature. So, the latest news is that government has asked all the air-conditioner makers to ensure default temperature setting for room ACs at 24 degrees Celsius.

Here's an example to illustrate the weirdness of this situation. Sometimes there are aged distant relatives of your family who come to your house and try controlling everything in your house. You tolerate them to some extent because after all they are respected guests. But, if they start disturbing your privacy and nag you for every small thing in your routine, that’s where you start getting irritated and lose out.

About the Condition                   

Reportedly, an official statement of the government says that the default temperature setting has been made mandatory from January 1, 2020. And, the reason they are giving is promotion of energy efficient practices. It is worth mentioning here that there’s a Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) which provides star-rating to air conditioners. So, all the ACs covered under the BEE’s star labelling program have to follow this condition mandatorily.

Tropical countries like India usually have warmer temperatures. Then there’s global warming adding up to it. To combat the heat, we’ve got air conditioners which we used to switch on and enjoy as per our will. We had all the rights to do so as owners of the ACs. The temperature setting was our call but, now the default temperature will be what the government wants even if you own that appliance.

Is That it?

If things were that simple, we wouldn’t have written this entire newsletter about it. After the implementation of the default temperature setting condition, there are energy performance standard norms that would be implemented next year i.e. from January 2021. In this, an ISEER (Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) will be applicable for all air conditioners.

The official statement reportedly also brags of significant enhancement in Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) due to the norms that have been previously imposed by the government. The star rating and smarter appliances have contributed in enhancing the energy efficiency, there’s no doubt about it but, there’s something known as discretion which should be respected.

The Final Word

The companies are well prepared for this regulation and they’re all set to roll out modified products in the market for upcoming summer. They won’t face any hassle in complying with the norm for 2021 as well. But, it’s not about them. It is about the consumers or in other words the users and owners of the ACs. Is this the best possible way to promote energy efficient practices?

Well, maybe or maybe not. If people are still left with an option to decrease the temperature, why wouldn’t they if they want to? Also, in this age of technological revolution, why can’t the focus be on manufacturing smarter appliances? Being concerned about the environment is appreciable but, if the issues are tackled in a smarter way, that would impress the people who have elected the government with high hopes.

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