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How the poor pay more for rice and sugar than you do.

Created on 06 Sep 2022

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Updated on 13 Sep 2023

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Dear entitled reader, you are wrong and have been for quite some time.
“Poor people are uneducated, not stupid,” Rajen Makhijani said. I’d like to add to it and go as far as to say, “entitled people (most of them) are educated but are vapid stupids.” For so long, the government’s practice of giving out food, healthcare services and essentials to poor people for free has been reprimanded by us. And surely, why not? Why should we, the taxpayers, sponsor the groceries of people who cannot get to move their lazy bottoms to work? Why are poor people entitled to free stuff?- we ask, calling them illegitimate. 

So here’s what substantiates that the poor deserve what they get for free. Suppose your salary is ₹50,000; your per-day income would be ₹1,667. And you go to buy one kg rice that costs ₹50. That is close to 3% per cent of your daily income. Just 3%. 
According to Trading Economics, the minimum daily wage of unskilled labour is ₹178 per day. Now one kg of rice is 28% of that daily wage. Just rice. If not anything, they would need a packet of salt of ₹20 to eat with it. There goes approximately 40% of the income. We are not counting clothes, rent, education or healthcare yet. If they don’t get it for free, they cannot survive, literally.

You are missing out on so much.

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