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Is the End of Paper Currency near?

Created on 10 Sep 2022

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Updated on 13 Sep 2023

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Just because it is normal does not mean it is right. What is “normal” anyway, except a setting on washing machines? These lines ring very true with the current currency situation. Versions of paper money existed as early as 7th century China. Since then, the currency system has undergone multiple changes to make physical notes the widely accepted mode of exchange of value. Humanity has come a long way since the 7th century. Isn’t it about time that money kept up with the times and developed too?

This need for a change isn’t baseless either. Although the concept of currency is nearly as old as human civilisation, a relatively new disease plagues the system. We are all quite familiar with the progression of barter and how currency brought liquidity to an inflexible system. However, it is human nature to corrupt all that exists; money, of all things, was not going to escape this rot. This new disease is illegal, or as the laymen call it, black money (could have very well been purple or green money, but nope, black). Nevertheless, 👇

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