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Use LinkedIn to land your next high paying job

Created on 26 Aug 2019

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Updated on 01 Oct 2020

We all love Facebook but can we really look for jobs on Facebook or even land a job on Facebook? The answer is a big NO! Therefore, presenting to you, LINKEDIN, the Facebook for jobseekers and building careers. You must be wondering how to actually make it work for you in the best possible way.

Here are eight essential ways to leverage on LinkedIn to land your next high paying job:

  • Keep your profile up to date : Updating your profile not only means having all information put out there about your academics, internships, jobs or any other activity, but also taking care of the minute things that might have a huge impact. For example, as per a LinkedIn blog, having a LinkedIn profile picture can actually boost up the page views by almost 10 times. Putting up skills on your profile also helps. Use keywords to strengthen your profile views and increase the appeal.
  • Do write a summary & headline: Any employer or individual visiting your profile will want to know about you briefly. This is your professional bio and a winsome headline about yourself will definitely help to pique the interest of the employer. Include your email ID and phone number so that interaction becomes swifter. Also, communicate that you’re available to be hired because, without that declaration, nobody will come to know that you’re looking for a change.
  • Research the companies you’re interested in and follow them : Deep search the companies you are interested in and follow them religiously. Keep a check on what is happening in the company and in that industry. Being abreast with whatever is happening gives a very strong foundation for your application in those companies.
  • Keep a tab on the Jobs section: LinkedIn has a separate Jobs section where almost all employers post their jobs. Keep your eagle watch on that list and apply with your well updated profile or your ATS compliant CV.
  • Connect with alumni from school or university : Connecting with alumni from school or university is of great importance. You never know which referral works out for you to land your dream job. You can connect with them and share common interests to help you land your next job. Therefore, the ‘Alumni’ tool is very powerful to help you network with familiar people.
  • Create 1st degree connections : Your connections can exponentially increase your exposure and the algorithm of  LinkedIn makes it easy to access more users and add more connections on 1st degree basis. Infact, connecting with people by importing your contact lists from your mails is also a great way to have direct connection.
  • Network after business hours : Keep checking your LinkedIn account always. Make sure that you keep visiting your account and checking it several times during the day especially when looking for a job. Network with your connections and beyond after working hours. Make sure to not just be a wallflower but to also be consistent with the content that is posted on your profile. Posting, commenting, liking relevant content from various connections helps expand connections and visibility of your profile.
  • Recommendations and Skill Endorsements : These should come from someone who works with you or has worked with you in the past or, works for you or you work for or anyone who you studied and is aware of your capabilities and skills. But, it does not make much sense and credibility if a person’s skills are touted to LinkedIn endorsements. But, recommendations from someone who was working above you or from the leaders within your industry are always given a brownie point.

These simple techniques can help increase the chances of landing your high-paying dream job, 10x times. Make the most of it by optimizing your profile to create appeal, sell what you are good at, and validate your achievements.

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