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Analysing Divi's Laboratories with Dr Tanmay Motiwala

Created on 01 Mar 2023

Wraps up in 12 Min

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Updated on 03 Mar 2023

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Introducing Dr Tanmay Motiwala - a man with a passion for paediatric surgery and a keen eye for the world of investments. When it comes to the world of stocks, Dr Motiwala is no ordinary investor. He combines his medical knowledge and analytical skills to make informed decisions in the market, and one of his top picks is none other than Divi's Laboratories. So, join us as we dive into the world of Divi's Laboratories with Dr Tanmay Motiwala, with his unique approach and expertise.

The pharmaceutical industry involves sourcing raw materials to produce Key Starting Materials (KSM), which are processed to create Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). APIs are used to create finished dosage forms like tablets, capsules, and injections that are packaged and distributed to healthcare providers and patients. 

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