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Elearnmarkets Review: Are their courses of any benefit to you?

Created on 18 Jul 2023

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Updated on 24 Jul 2023

The Online Learning Platforms market is set to witness a remarkable surge, with projected revenue reaching a substantial ₹3,87,860 crore by 2023. To put things into perspective, this amount is more than the Market Capitalisation of Kotak Mahindra Bank. Also with this amount, ISRO can make 630 Chandrayaan-3. It's evident that the online learning industry is experiencing tremendous growth, driven by the increasing demand for knowledge and the expanding landscape of digital education.

So, whether you're a student seeking knowledge, an educator sharing expertise, or an investor it has become very easy to acquire and share knowledge. Elearnmarkets is one such platform that aims to transform your understanding of the markets. It is an online education provider that strives to foster financial literacy by offering a wide range of educational resources. Their offerings include expert-led, recorded programs, webinars, ebooks, evaluations, tests, and interactive learning tools and,

What is its Mission?

To empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the financial markets effectively. Their educational platform provides learners with diverse resources to enhance their understanding of finance, investment strategies, and trading techniques. By leveraging expert-led programs and interactive tools, Elearnmarkets aims to make financial education accessible, engaging, and practical for individuals seeking to expand their financial knowledge.

How Does Elearnmarkets Work?

Elearnmarkets offers courses in three main categories: fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and derivatives. These categories cater to different types of users and their specific learning needs.

For beginners, Elearnmarkets provides courses that cover the basics of finance. These courses are designed to help individuals build a strong foundation in financial concepts and terminology.

The "Trader" category is tailored for individuals seeking self-paced courses on topics such as derivatives, cryptocurrencies, and technical analysis. These courses are designed to equip traders with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed decisions and navigate the markets effectively.

Additionally, Elearnmarkets offers certification courses, which are conducted through live interactive online sessions. These courses provide participants with a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of specific financial topics. By engaging directly with instructors and fellow participants, learners can enhance their practical knowledge and receive real-time feedback.

Overall, Elearnmarkets' course offerings span fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and derivatives, catering to beginners as well as individuals seeking self-paced learning or live interactive certification courses.

What is Elearnmarkets offering?

Elearnmarkets offers a wide range of highly productive online courses and webinars in the field of stock market trading. Their offerings include courses on fundamental analysis, online financial courses, and various other topics related to finance and investing. These courses and webinars are designed to provide learners with valuable insights and practical knowledge in their pursuit of stock market trading and financial analysis. These courses encompass a wide range of offerings, starting from beginner-level courses such as "A2Z of Stock Market for Beginners" to more comprehensive options like the "NSE Academy Certified Capital Market Professional (E-NCCMP)" program, along with numerous informative webinars.

Elearnmarkets vs Other Online Learning Marketplaces: A Comparative Analysis

You have a decent understanding of Elearnmarkets, so let's compare it to other platforms so you can decide for yourself which one is ideal for you.

1. Quest by Finology

Quest by Finology is a meticulously curated learning platform designed for individuals looking to expand their knowledge in the finance domain. What sets it apart is that the courses are thoughtfully structured, considering the attention span of learners and aligning with their progress. The content offered focuses on trending and essential topics in the field of finance, ensuring learners stay up to date with the latest developments. Here are a few unique aspects of Quest:

1. Customised Course Selection: One of the standout features of Quest is the customisation it offers for courses. By conducting a financial IQ test, the platform identifies gaps in the learner's knowledge and recommends courses accordingly. This personalised approach enables individuals to target their specific learning needs and make the most of their educational journey.
Additionally, the courses on Quest are designed to be digestible and not overwhelming in length. This consideration for the learner's experience ensures that the content is engaging and keeps learners motivated throughout their learning process.

2. Friendly User Interface: The platform also boasts an intuitive user interface that is both user-friendly and visually appealing, enhancing the overall learning experience for participants. The platform's interface is thoughtfully designed, making it easy for learners to navigate through the different sections and access the desired course materials effortlessly. The visually pleasing aesthetics contribute to an engaging and enjoyable learning environment, capturing learners' attention and promoting their active participation in the educational content provided.

In summary, Quest by Finology stands out as a carefully compiled learning platform in the finance domain. Its courses are tailored to match the learner's progress, with content focused on trending topics. The platform's customisation feature, driven by tests, helps learners address their knowledge gaps effectively. With its learner-centric approach and attention to course length, Quest provides individuals with an engaging and personalised learning experience in finance.

2. Coursera

Coursera offers a variety of courses and programs aimed at promoting financial literacy and providing individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed financial decisions. Here are some key aspects of Coursera's offerings in the field of financial literacy:

1. Personal Finance Courses: Coursera hosts numerous courses that cover personal finance topics, such as budgeting, saving, investing, retirement planning, and managing debt. These courses are designed to help individuals understand the fundamentals of personal finance and develop strategies for achieving their financial goals.

2. Financial Planning Specializations: Coursera offers specialised programs, known as "Specializations," that focus on financial planning. These Specializations typically consist of a series of courses that cover various aspects of financial planning, including investment management, estate planning, tax planning, and risk management.

3. Investment and Trading Courses: Coursera provides courses that delve into investment strategies, portfolio management, and trading techniques. These courses cater to individuals interested in learning about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investment vehicles. They cover topics such as fundamental analysis, technical analysis, asset allocation, and risk management.

3. Udemy

Udemy offers a wide range of courses related to financial literacy, catering to individuals who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in various aspects of finance. Here are some key features of Udemy's offerings in the field of financial literacy:

1. Diverse Course Selection: Udemy hosts an extensive collection of courses covering different topics within financial literacy. These courses encompass personal finance, budgeting, investing, retirement planning, financial analysis, and more. Learners have the flexibility to choose courses that align with their specific interests and learning goals.

2. Expert Instructors: Udemy's courses are created and taught by expert instructors who possess subject matter expertise in finance. These instructors bring practical knowledge and industry experience to their courses, ensuring learners receive valuable insights and actionable information.

3. Accessibility and Flexibility: Udemy's courses are designed to be accessible and flexible. Learners can access the courses on demand, allowing them to study at their own pace and fit learning into their busy schedules. The courses are available across various devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets, providing convenience and flexibility in learning.

4. Engaging Learning Material: Udemy courses often include a combination of video lectures, downloadable resources, quizzes, and assignments to facilitate active learning and engagement. The interactive nature of these courses helps learners grasp concepts effectively and apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

The Elearnmarkets Learning Experience: User Feedback and Satisfaction

The users of Elearnmarkets have expressed satisfaction with the app, particularly praising the Masterclass on Advanced Commodity and Currency. Many users have provided positive reviews, resulting in a majority of ratings of 4 stars or higher. These reviews indicate that users have found value in the app's offerings and have had positive experiences with the content provided.

Specifically, the Masterclass on Advanced Commodity and Currency has garnered appreciation from users. The content seems to have met the expectations of learners seeking in-depth knowledge in these areas. Users have likely found the Masterclass section to be informative, well-structured, and valuable in enhancing their understanding of commodity and currency markets.

Elearnmarkets' Approach to Learning: Method, Curriculum, and Instruction

Elearnmarkets offers a wide range of courses across multiple categories to cater to diverse learners. These categories include financial markets, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, derivatives, commodities, and currency. The courses are designed to meet the specific needs of beginners, investors, and traders, ensuring that learners can find relevant content based on their knowledge level and interests. The difficulty levels of the courses vary from basic to advanced, allowing learners to progress gradually and enhance their understanding at their own pace.

Elearnmarkets provides various delivery mechanisms to accommodate different learning preferences. They offer live and self-paced programs, providing flexibility for learners to choose the learning style that suits them best. Additionally, they conduct live interactive programs, enabling learners to actively participate in real-time discussions with instructors and peers. The platform also offers self-paced recorded programs, allowing individuals to learn at their convenience.

Limitations and Challenges of Elearnmarkets: Areas for Improvement

1. The cost of the courses offered by Elearnmarkets is significantly high. This can pose a financial challenge for individuals who are looking to enhance their financial knowledge, as they might need to purchase multiple courses. The prices, even for introductory courses, are considered to be on the expensive side. This high pricing structure can be a deterrent for some individuals who are seeking to build their financial knowledge but may have budget constraints.

2. The courses offered by Elearnmarkets tend to have lengthy durations, which can potentially impact the consistency of learning for individuals with varying attention spans. The extended length of the courses may pose challenges for learners in maintaining their focus and engagement throughout the duration of the course.

The Bottom Line

Summing up, Elearnmarkets is a valuable learning platform for those looking to enhance their financial literacy. However, it does have certain drawbacks, as highlighted in the article. It is essential for the courses to be priced affordably to ensure accessibility for learners, and the duration of the courses should be carefully designed to maintain the learner's engagement and sustain their interest throughout the learning process.

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