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What are the Essentials of a Business Plan?

Created on 19 Aug 2018

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Updated on 01 Oct 2020

Many people have unique ideas for starting up a business, but lack of finances does not allow them to start a business. So, the funds and the investors who are funding in your business play a very significant role. They are only going to invest in your business when they will see that they are going to get profit through this investment.

A business plan should be made in such a way that it will attract the investors to invest in your business. A business plan should include details of your product, how it is going to get profit, how it is a unique idea and how much investment is required for such a business.

Advantages of a business plan

  1. A clear insight to your plan

A business plan will give a clear understanding of your plan to those whom you want to explain it and will also be helpful for you to explain your ideas in a much more organized way.

  1. In raising funds

Your business plan will show how much engrossed you are in turning your business plan into reality. Only some vague ideas will not attract investors, but a proper business plan can attract them.

  1. Development tracker

A business plan can properly explain that how much development or how much profit one will get through this business and in how much time which will be beneficial for impressing your investors.

Essential components which need to be kept in mind while making a business plan for funding pitch:

  1. Be clear about your idea

It is very important that you should be clear about your idea then only you will be able to create a great business plan and then only you can clearly express yourself to the investors that why they should invest in your idea.

  1. Find interesting ways to present your idea

It is very important that when you are explaining your business plan then it should be in an interesting way. It should not bore your investors and should also not confuse them. One can tell it in a story telling way which will cover the problem as well as the solution of that problem which your product is going to solve. One can also include daily life examples in order to explain your business plan.

  1. Keep it simple

Your Business plan as well as the presentation of such plan to your investors should be simple. One should not use difficult ways to explain your business ideas as the main purpose is to make the investors understand your plan and not to confuse them.

  1. Know your investors

It is also an important step in Funding pitch because there are different types of investors, some like brief presentations while some wants to know more details of the plan. So, a little research on your investors can help you.

  1. Profit expected

One of the most important point you should know is that what amount of profit is expected in this business plan because in order to get funds, the investors will make sure that this investment should not lead to any kind of loss to them. So, explaining how much profit is required is also necessary.

  1. Finance required

How much finance is required to turn your business plan into reality is a matter of concern for the investors. So, it is very important to explain the amount of finances expected for this business plan.                      

  1. A proper plan

A proper plan i.e. a proper schedule should be prepared which shows that in how much time you expect profit and how much profit and other such kind of things which will show that how much determined and focused you are.

  1. Effect on the market

Another essential point for funding pitch is that what affect your business plan is going to have on the market. Your business plan should answer the question like what segment of people is going to be affected in the market, who will be the buyers of this product, who is going to be your competition in the market and how you will deal with it? These are some important points which also need attention.

  1. Team members and their previous experience

One can also explain who your team members are and if they already have some experience in business that can also be explained to your investors.

  1.  Be confident

Most relevant point is be confident about your idea because if you are not confident enough then you can’t make your investors believe that their investment is going to be fruitful.

  1.   Why they should choose you?

Always tell your investors that why they should choose you and how it is going to be beneficial to them and how your idea is different and unique from all others.

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