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Kissan Vs Maggi: Old Rivalry, Still Strong

Created on 25 Aug 2023

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Updated on 15 Sep 2023

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As the clock strikes 6:00 pm, many of us crave a light yet satisfying snack. Samosas, Fries, Chips, or Noodles are the choice of snacks most people usually go for to satiate this “twilight hunger”. While people have different taste preferences, one thing is universal: the need for a condiment that goes well with snacks. For most people, the scale of favour dips towards tomato sauce.

Now, tomato has been a well-heated topic in India for the past few months due to the price hike. The jump from 20/kg to 140/kg was unexpected and troublesome. This piqued my interest in learning about this red-juicy vegetable from a slightly different angle. So, today, I'll take you on a journey through the history of two of India's top ketchup brands, Kissan and Maggi. We'll explore how these two household names came to be rivals, as well as the story of the foreign competitor who tried to challenge them but was defeated nonetheless.

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