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KEI Industries : Lighting up the World, Wire by Wire!

Created on 30 Jun 2023

Wraps up in 11 Min

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Updated on 26 Jul 2023

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India knows how to light up a room (or a whole country!). When it comes to electricity, we're like the cool kid on the block with a staggering installed power capacity of 411.64 gigawatts.
India's power usage increased by a 11% in December 2022, to 121.19 billion units, enough power to light up the night sky.
Welcome to today's article, in which we explore a fascinating business. Our spotlight shines brightly on KEI Industries, a company with a truly electrifying venture.
Now close your eyes and picture the entangled network of wires that appears to have a life of its own that you are accustomed to seeing over your head. Yes, I am referring to these fascinating works that have occasionally captured the interest of every Indian ⬇️.

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