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Top 5 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Created on 09 Jul 2022

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Updated on 12 Sep 2022

Why strain the eyes, when the ears can do all the work unruffled? 

Entrepreneurs or not, we should constantly look for new skills and knowledge to help us survive and thrive in today's competitive environment.

While reading an insightful book is almost always the most effective way to gain knowledge and wisdom, not everyone can fit reading into their busy schedule. So, what can someone willing but not free to learn do?

The solution is straightforward: You can listen to podcasts anytime and anywhere, whether driving to work, cooking, or working out. Podcasts have gained massive popularity in recent years.

There are podcasts on almost any subject you can think of, like entrepreneurship. Many business podcasts are available where successful entrepreneurs and business leaders share their knowledge, insights, experiences, and strategies that can be highly beneficial in your entrepreneurial endeavours.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of podcasts to help you become a better entrepreneur. You can find these podcasts on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Youtube.

But as good as these podcasts might be, what benefit would these bring to you? Well, read on and find out.

Why should you listen to podcasts?

While podcasts cater to a smaller audience compared to other forms of media such as television, they have grown each year exponentially since their inception in 2004. Here are seven reasons why you should start listening to podcasts right now:

Work is more accessible when you multitask

The best thing about listening to podcasts (rather than watching TV) is that you can listen on the go! You can now be entertained or learn something new whenever and wherever you want. This hands-free, eyes-free form of entertainment will make your morning commute and daily chores more enjoyable. 

Reduce your screen time

The average household now watches television for eight hours every day. It has been proven that screen time causes significant eye strain. There is also speculation that tv could be harmful to the brain. Podcasts are great because they provide an entertaining alternative to visual media.

Podcasts, like videos, don't require reading and require little energy, but they don't cause the same visual strain or mental numbness.

Experts will teach you about unusual topics

Podcasts are accessible to ordinary people; they are a way for the commoner to communicate with the majority without using mainstream media, which is one of the reasons podcasting is a great educational tool. Experts from various industries can easily share valuable information with the general public.

You can learn directly from knowledgeable people in a simple, effortless, and free tutorial, rather than reading confusing manuals or becoming bogged down with useless information. Consider this: you're trying to market a small business, and you now have access to the advice of dozens of experts through podcasts.

Keeps the art of storytelling alive

Finally, podcasting is a revitalisation of a dying form of oral storytelling. For centuries, storytellers memorised entire epic poems like The Odyssey and passed them down from generation to generation.

This oral tradition has been observed in other cultures throughout history, but today's society has nearly extinguished the storyteller due to a shift in preference for written and visual media.

Podcasting, however, has revived this tradition, with storytelling accounting for a large portion of podcasts. Well, enough dilly-dallying; time to get to the article's meat!

Here are the top 5 entrepreneurial podcasts

1. The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is a bestselling author and self-experimenter for his book The 4-Hour Workweek. The Tim Ferriss Show tackles any topics that interest Ferriss and will undoubtedly teach you something new.

LeBron James, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Silicon Valley journalist Kara Swisher are some of the prominent guests that have visited.

Ferriss interviews world-class performers from different fields, including investing, chess, and professional sports, and then digs deep to find the tools and tricks listeners can use on his show.

2. The Pitch

You can listen in on the recordings of real-life entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to investors in these podcasts. It's the most realistic and detailed look at how investors think, what questions they'd ask, and how a successful pitch sounds.

The best highlight is that all the pitch recordings include commentaries and analyses throughout, so you can tell when something was done correctly or incorrectly. Understanding human interactions is the first step in building a successful company, and The Pitch can help you with that.

3. This Week in Startups

This weekly take on the worst, best, most outrageous, and most exciting stories from the world of web companies is brought to you by Jason Calacanis and a rotating group of guest experts. Calacanis provides fascinating insights into how angel investing works and how he builds businesses for his listeners.

This Week in Startups features in-depth interviews with industry heavyweights who provide their perspectives on what's going on and what trends are coming up.

Whether you want to start your own business, need business strategies, need help motivating your team, or just want to keep up with what's happening in Silicon Valley, and beyond, your journey should start here.

4. How to Start a Startup

This is a series of university lectures from Y Combinator and Stanford University in California (but they're really interesting, we promise). Some of the most successful and most prominent entrepreneurs, such as Dustin Moscowitz, Adora Cheung, and Peter Thiel, are among their guest speakers.

These lectures are excellent for learning how to build a team or deal with competitors because they are informative, thoughtful and simple to understand. They're perfect for generating initial ideas and building confidence.

5. The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

By any metric, The School of Greatness is one of the best podcasts out there. It has more than 500 episodes and over 40 million downloads and continues to attract celebrities such as Tony Robbins and Maria Sharapova.

Lewis Howes, the host, is the author of the best-selling books The School of Greatness and The Mask of Masculinity. He was a professional Arena League football player until he was forced to retire due to an injury.

His show explores what makes great people great and how you can apply those lessons to your own life. He hopes to share inspiring stories from the world's most brilliant business minds, world-class athletes, and influential celebrities in The School of Greatness.

The Bottom Line

For people to grow, it's essential to absorb a wide variety of information. You can change how you think about and approach business by listening to the above podcasts. They may provide fresh perspectives and open doors to greater and better things for you and your business.

A network of peers who share your interests can be found through podcasts and present fantastic potential for cross-promotional advertising. Also, podcasts' audio format makes it simple to listen to them no matter how busy you are because your time is valuable.

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