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Rasna Success Story: A Tale of how India Drinks

Created on 24 Jun 2023

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Updated on 25 Sep 2023

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On an excruciatingly hot day when the sun's rays feel like daggers on our body and mind, a chilled drink feels heavenly. I still remember coming home after playing outside with friends and asking my mom to make me Rasna. The sweet orange-flavoured drink with ice cubes floating made me giddy and successfully quenched my summer thirst. With the launch of a variety of DIY drinks in the market, Rasna is one brand that every 80s-90s kid remembers fondly.

But did you know that your favourite drink has an interesting backstory and an impressive presence in the global market? Yes, the delight of tasting the delicious Rasna is available in more than 50 countries worldwide. Rasna is the dominant soft drink concentrate market player, with around 80-90% market share in 2004-2021.

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