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RVNL : Riding the Rails of Success

Created on 13 May 2023

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Updated on 26 Jul 2023

RVNL : Riding the Rails of Success

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Imagine a world where every day, an entire population equivalent to that of Australia gets on board a massive network of trains that covers over 68,000 kilometres of track and stops at around 7,500 stations. That world exists, and it's called the Indian railway industry. With over 13 lakh employees working day and night, this industry has undergone massive reforms to become more efficient, safe, and revenue-generating. So hop on board, and let's explore the fascinating world of Indian railways.

India's rail route has been expanding consistently over the past years, reaching a staggering length of about 68,000 km recently. Check out the graph below to see the steady growth of the railway network in India.

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