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Starbucks: One of the Largest USA Bank

Created on 05 Aug 2023

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Updated on 10 Aug 2023

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Hi readers! You are reading the article in the series "successful businesses with amazing strategies", and the business we will be discussing today is known by many. Whether you need a warm cup of coffee to stay awake during long work hours or a deliciously flavoured frappuccino to brighten up the mood, Starbucks never disappoints. Starbucks, the world's largest coffeehouse chain, has significantly influenced Americans to adopt quality coffee behaviour. Quality is the one thing that Starbucks can't be defeated in. From the selection of coffee beans to the creation of menus, they always perform beyond expectation.

Starbucks changed the way Americans drink coffee today. They did it so flawlessly that around half of the Starbucks stores, which would be more than 15,000, are situated in the USA alone. Yes, Starbucks has more than 37,000 stores worldwide catering to people of varying religions, languages, and tastes, keeping customer satisfaction at the utmost level. Compared with other coffee brands, Starbucks sells the most expensive coffee, but they also deliver the best quality. Every Starbucks store is custom designed by keeping the local history and style in mind, giving them a unique edge over other cafe businesses.

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