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Tickertape Review: Analysing The Ultimate Stock Market Research Platform

Created on 26 Jun 2023

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Tickertape Review

Tickertape is a complete package for enthusiastic investors who seek to make informed investment decisions.  It is a platform that provides insights to investors by conducting analytical research on various financial securities like stocks, Mutual funds, ETFs, Indices, etc., prevalent in the Indian financial market. 

Tickertape is owned by a Bangalore-based private company called Anchorage Technologies Private Limited. They aim to aid an investment decision by screening the various stocks in the stock market based on fundamental and technical parameters. They also use the market mood index to understand the sentiments of the Indian stock market. For people seeking to learn about basic financial and economic terms, Tickertape learn can help.

How does Tickertape work?

Tickertape consists of a variety of tools and features designed to aid an investor in making wise financial decisions. The features available at Tickertape are:

  • Market mood index

The one thing that worries all investors while entering the market is the uncertainty that comes with it. To help investors make the right choices, there is a tool present named Market Mood Index. MMI predicts whether the market is in a bullish or bearish mood. By checking out the index, one can decide whether they wish to jump into the market at that moment or not.

MMI factors in 6 activities to understand the sentiment of the market.

  1. Net open interest of FIIs in Index Futures on NSE.
  2. Volatility and Skewness 
  3. Momentum
  4. Market breadth
  5. Price Strength
  6. Demand for Gold
  • Screener by Tickertape

Around 200+ filter options can be used to screen stocks in Tickertape. In mutual funds, there are pre-loaded sets of filters like AUM, historical performance, and expense ratio. And more than 50+ filters can be added based on scheme information, rate of returns, risk appetite, portfolio composition, and ratios.

  • Stock deals ideas

One can obtain details on large-scale buying and selling activities in the section on stock deals. They can use filters to follow stock deals on the capital markets, through the “ideas” feature.

Features of Tickertape

Apart from the major tools in Tickertape, one can also use these other features:

1. Share Price Ticker: Any fluctuation in the share price of 4600+ stocks in the stock market is depicted through a share price ticker on a real-time basis.
2. Stock ScreenerTickertape provides a comprehensive checklist, peer-to-peer comparison, stock-related news, deals, forecast, and company financials making it easy for investors to screen through the various stocks. They have a screen library that has pre-built screens based on the most used analytical methods.
3. Mutual Fund Screener: Tickertape provides fund manager history, investment checklist, AMC profile, NAV chart for multiple timelines, Asset allocation, etc to select the best mutual fund.
4. Market mood index: It is a tool to track Indian stock market sentiment on a real-time basis and aid investment decisions.s
5. Portfolio Scorecard: Tickertape also produces a scorecard for various asset classes like stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, etc, to check their profitability and investment worthiness. Various metrics like ROE, net profit margin, and cash flow margin are considered and computed to calculate the scores of a stock. In the case of Mutual funds, a comparison with other funds based on performance is done to know which fund is better.
6. Forecasts: Many external brokerage houses provide a forecast for some stocks to Tickertape. Tickertape provides the highest, lowest, and median forecast estimate on their platform.
7. Stock-related information: Tickertape updates stock-related information like stock deals, the company’s financials, etc.

Pros of Using Tickertape for Investors

For investors, Tickertape has many benefits. Here are a few of Tickertape's many advantages:

1. Tickertape's ability to screen stocks for investors using various filters is one of its most valuable capabilities. This allows them to quickly filter the market down to the stocks that meet their specific requirements for investment.
2. The second benefit is the abundance of data it offers, such as current and previous stock prices, financial statements, vital ratios, earnings and dividend data, and much more. When traders can access such information, they can make trades based on accurate and up-to-date data.
3. The third advantage of Tickertape is that it offers investors access to high-quality analytical tools for doing in-depth stock analysis. Financial data, company comparisons, stock performance charts, and other analytical insights are all available to users. These tools can gauge a company's financial health, forecast future growth, and value its shares.
4. Users can create personalized watchlists on Tickertape and receive alerts when price changes occur for stocks that interest them. Users can track the value of these stocks, get notified when predetermined criteria are met, etc. Investors can act swiftly against market fluctuations if they keep tabs on their holdings in real-time.
5. The newest market and stock-related news, as well as incisive analysis from industry professionals, is readily available on Tickertape. Investors can improve their chances of making smart investments by staying well-informed of company announcements, industry changes, and market trends.

How to use a screener?

1. Hover over 'Tickertape' and select 'Stock Screener' under 'Tools of the trade'. The screener imports the "New Screen'' by default, which returns stocks based on a set of filters.
2. In the 'Filters' section on the left, click 'Sector'. There are additional filtering alternatives, such as market capitalization, close price, PE ratio, return on equity, etc.
3. By selecting the "Add Filter Button" at the bottom of the "Filter Panel" on the left side of the screen, you can now select multiple filters based on your criteria.
4. For example, I want to invest in stocks with large market capitalization and want to compare their 5Y Avg return on equity. Select “largecap” to apply a filter for market capitalization. 5. Click “add filter”, select profitability, and click on 5Y Avg ROE (%).

Cons of using Tickertape for Investors

Here are some cons of Tickertape for investors:

1. An investor uses stock market research platforms to ease up their research and invest but Tickertape’s interface makes searching for the right stocks cumbersome.
2. Tickertape analysis is focused on financial findings like ratios, profitability, etc but does not factor in the qualitative factors of operational efficiency of companies, which defines whether those stocks are better for the long term.
3. Tickertape is inconvenient for people who are new to the stock market and are unaware of the technicalities and jargon of the stock market. However, Tickertape is a comprehensive platform but is not able to cater investment convenience to all types of investors.

Tickertape vs Other Stock Market Research Platforms

The top competitors of Tickertape are as follows: -

Ticker Plus 

Ticker Plus by Finology is one of the 4 products an investor can get by subscribing to Finology’s One. Finology’s One gives the right and exact mix of information, making investing easy and relevant for investors.

Bundles, one of the features offered by Ticker, are professionally designed as per the needs of different types of investors. For example, an aggressive investor with a high-risk appetite might prefer a higher stock return, he can easily navigate through the free and premium bundles like emerging blue chips, Cap expanders, etc. Similarly, a risk-averse investor would look for stable returns from stock and hence, can opt for peter lynch’s fav or debt-independent bundles, etc. It also focuses on stocks whose operations are efficient and can be invested in for the long term. The cherry on top is the user-friendly interface.

Some free features:

  • Ticker’s Screener has pre-created screens and screen customisation available with around 1200+ financial ratios. 
  • A section called “super investors” has portfolios of literal super investors of the stock market like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Dilip Kumar Lakhi, and even the President of India.
  • Information on IPOs and different sectors is available.


Screener is a platform for stock screening for various sectors. It has various stock screens based on popular investing themes, price or volume action, stock valuations, etc. It  provides annual shareholding patterns of investors. Screener premium provides information on the price (wholesale price index) and trends of over 10000+ commodities.

It is an expensive stock research platform because of its limited features compared to other platforms. Screener factors in only stock details and commodity details. It does not cater to the needs of all types of investors.


Following are the subscription-based features of Trendlyne:

  • Investors who subscribe to the BASIC service plan can access alerts, screeners, DVM stocks, events, announcement notifications, backtesting, and screener rewinding.
  • Users of the GURUQ membership plan receive Trendlyne's Forecaster, which includes more watchlists, alerts, and backtesting capabilities than the Basic plan.
  • All website features are accessible at any time with the STRATQ membership plan. Users additionally benefit from increased watchlists, alerts, backtests, and Forecaster usage of Trendlyne with StratQ. A yearly membership to the STRATQ plan is offered.

As per our analysis, Trendlyne is an expensive platform but provides competitive features like a DVM stock screener, information about top stock market investors, sector updates, and many more that can help an investor allocate his funds to securities as per his needs. It is a comprehensive website and hence, the pricing charged is also quite high.

Moneycontrol pro

Moneycontrol is an investment-friendly platform for stock research and offers a broader range of products at a low price. In addition to providing real-time market data, Moneycontrol also provides financial analysis tools, news updates, portfolio tracking, stock screeners, research papers, and instructional materials. Insight into market trends, portfolio tracking, and news about investing best practices are some benefits provided. But it does not cater to investors’ needs. It is not as focused as its competitors from an investment perspective.

Tickertape Pricing: Is It Worth the Investment?

Tickertape pricing is reasonable as compared to the features offered by it. Ticker tape’s MMI would consider investor sentiments.  Tickertape's many useful features, such as market predictions from third-party brokerages, a portfolio scorecard, etc., benefit investors. 

However, Tickertape’s stock research involves more of a quantitative analysis than an overall analysis (inclusive of qualitative and quantitative) making it not the best option from a long-term perspective. Also, Tickertape cannot cater to the needs of all types of investors. One needs to be good in finance and stock market jargon to use their features. 
Hence, the worthiness of investment in Tickertape would certainly vary as per the needs and beliefs of investors.

Price ranges

There are 4 different membership options for Tickertape Pro:

  • Monthly membership that comes with Tickertape Pro for a 14-day free trial.
  • A three-month commitment.
  • A six-month commitment.
  • Membership of one year.

Customer Support and Resources: Getting Help and Staying Informed with Tickertape

Tickertape's help centre is a wealth of information. Profitability, financial statistics, price, and volume-based returns, valuation, and other crucial information from investors' viewpoints, such as analyst ratings, are all included in the knowledge base.  Instructions on using Tickertape’s filters, searching, and other features are included. Video responses to these frequently asked questions are provided. In addition, they host a forum where interested parties can post questions and receive responses.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Tickertape provides real-time market data, financial analysis tools, curated news updates, and portfolio tracking features. The fundamental and technical analysis tools available on the platform allow users to dig deep into their studies and find promising investment opportunities. TickerTape is an excellent tool for traders who want to stay informed and make data-driven investing decisions thanks to its comprehensive collection of market data, research tools, and news updates.

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