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Investing with Tijori Finance: Is It Right For You?

Created on 21 Feb 2024

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Tijori Finance- A Comprehensive Review

PE & PB ratio, ROE, ROCE, P & L statement, … the list of metrics to find the right stock is endless. Several market research and analysis platforms are available to decrease the complications of these fundamentals and trends. We will be reviewing one of those platforms in this article.

Crowned as one of the new partners of Zerodha, Tijori Finance has been a trustworthy investment tool for many. Now, it is powering the new Timeline and Stock Insight feature on Zerodha’s Console.

A timeline is a chronological feed of key events and developments related to the stocks in the portfolio. Stock insights give one a bird's eye view of a company's fundamentals in the portfolio.

So, if you have Zerodha as your broker, you must be curious about Tijori's workings and features, right? Let's review the platform by picking apart the good and the bad.

About Tijori Finance

Tijori Finance, formerly known as Tijori Advisory Services, is a financial platform aimed at helping individual investors analyse stocks. It offers a combination of portfolio tracking, research tools, and educational resources.

Tijori provides Free and Paid plans, with the latter available in monthly and yearly subscriptions. Here's the ongoing subscription plan:

Tijori Plans

Let's see what features Tijori Finance provides and in what way they are helpful for the users.

Features of Tijori Finance

Tijori Finance primarily provides two types of features: tracking & research tools.

a. Tracking Tools

The sections available under this feature allow users to track their portfolios and other companies in their watchlists.

Tijori- Tracking Tools

  • Timeline is a personalised section containing all the resources to track a company's real-time movements. With features like Credit Ratings, Exchange Filings, Fundamentals, Insider Trades, Market News, etc., one can track up to one portfolio (free plan) or unlimited portfolios (paid plans) with detailed performance metrics.
  • The Portfolio section allows users to keep an eye on their portfolios. Tijori Finance does not have the facility to invest from its platform. Still, one can check their daily, weekly and monthly performance from here with options like calculating gain & loss, top-performing stock, etc.
  • The Watchlist section gives users the freedom to select several stocks and analyse them in a comparative format. From here, one can check the fundamentals like PE ratio, market cap, reverse DCF, etc. and make investing decisions swiftly.  
  • Alert lets users set price and performance alarms for stocks in their portfolios so they don't miss out on investing opportunities.

Note: Several features mentioned above (like reverse DCF) are not included in Tijori's free plan.

b. Research Tools

In-depth research is needed to make the final call for buying or selling stocks from one's portfolio. Along with looking after the fundamentals, market performance and sector evaluation are required. This section of Tijori Finance allows users that liberty.

Tijori Website- Research Tools

  • Company & Sector Research is the “search" option of Tijori Finance, where users can learn about the fundamentals and technical aspects of a company or sector by typing its name. All the possible information regarding the searched company is available in one spot for users.
  • The filter option allows users to find stocks piled under groups of similar attributes. Monopoly companies, market share, Warren Buffett Cigar Butt theory, etc., are some of the available filters in the platform.
  • Market Monitor lets users analyse headliners and niche markets like Nifty 50, TJI QSR+, etc. Through this, users can explore the market trends and focus on assets they want to invest in.

Tijori Market Monitor Screenshot

Apart from this, market monitors also contain a raw material monitor where users can track the price movements of vital materials like metals, chemicals, etc.

4. Macro Indicators also help investors understand market trends by monitoring critical economic indicators. One can analyse the market based on demand, industry, or GDP.

Pros of Tijori Finance

After going through Tijori's website, I have jotted down a list of the good and bad things about it. This list will help you determine whether this analysis platform is the right one for you or not.

a. Good User Interface:

Tijori Finance is famous for possessing an intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate the different stocks. All the fundamentals essential for investors to analyse a stock are available at the top, saving crucial seconds.

Tijori Good User Interface

As you can see from the image above, the Tijori Finance landing page for company search contains features like financials and shareholding details. Users can analyse companies in terms of product or location-wise breakup and check the operating profit diversification at once.

b. Advanced Research Resources

Every company is different and must be analysed based on its relatable metric. Let's take HDFC Bank Ltd. as an example. Banking sectors are examined instead of revenue and PAT by checking their CASA, NPI, and NIM-like metrics.

That's what Tijori Finance specialises in. For every stock, it provides a set of financial metrics lists, selecting which users can analyse the past performance of the stock and also its competitor.

Another good aspect of Tijori is the news section. Unlike other platforms, Tijori Finance's news column is on top, allowing users to be updated with relevant news.

c. Accurate & Authentic Data

Stock analysis platforms often gather data from outsourcing, whereas Tijori Finance collects it from the company's Annual Reports. One can find both quarterly and annual performance of the companies whose numbers would match that of the company.

Cons of Tijori Finance

Here’s a list of the shortcomings that Tijori may need to work on and users should consider while using it.

a. Features Many; Free? Not as Much

Tijori Finance provides a load of features and services for investors, but most fall under the Paid category. A free user can only maintain 1 watchlist and apply 5 alerts. Plus, various features like the Reverse DCF, unlimited filter queries, etc., are also available for paid users. This makes it challenging to use the platform without subscribing.

b. Delay Updates

Tijori Finance shows a "market share” portion depicting the queried company's market position. The data utilised to depict these standings are often outdated and, hence, can be misleading.

Tijori forensics

It consists of a Forensics section, which is like examining the company based on various parameters. The outcome of these parameters is often incorrect and thus unreliable most of the times.

If you are unhappy with the limitations mentioned above, here’s a better alternative.

Why Should You Consider Ticker?  

Finology by Ticker brings a myriad of features suiting all kinds of investors. With tools like Stock Screener, Bundles, Sector Analysis, etc., analysing a company has never been easier. Several tutorial videos are available on Ticker’s YouTube channel to help users quickly find their way.

Wondering what makes Ticker unique? Here's a rough list of everything you will not find anywhere else (at least not at once).

  • IPO: Ticker has an IPO section in its platform from where users can check the upcoming, ongoing, and listed IPO of the season. You can also go through the RHP, DRHP, and other relevant details to make smart decisions.
  • Super Investors: With a list of 50+ top investors nationwide, Ticker spreads awareness by presenting investors' portfolios for all and sundry.
  • DuPont Analysis: A powerful tool for financial analysis, DuPont Analysis is present in Ticker for paid users. With this tool in your arsenal, your portfolio maintenance would be out of the charts.
  • Common Size Statement: Giving reprieve from reading lengthy financial statements, Ticker provides simplified statements with all the critical information.
  • Valuation Calculators: With this feature, knowing whether a company is overvalued or undervalued gets easier. You can also calculate several metrics like DCF Analysis, BVPS Analysis, and more.   
  • Premium Bundles: Ticker's premium bundles outlay different packages catering to various investment strategies. If you need a list of debt-independent stocks or ones generous with dividends, then Bundles would be the best choice.

The Bottom Line

So, what's your verdict? Do you find my observations about Tijori Finance accurate, or did I miss something? Let me hear from you. Comment it down, reader!

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