Selecting The Perfect Home Loan That Can Save Your Resources

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Buying a home in this day and age is an exorbitant affair. Even to redecorate or renovate your existing abode, your bank balance might not complement the expenses. Breaking into your investment plans can endanger your long-term personal goals. To save yourself from crippling finances, opting for a home loan is the best way to fulfil your housing needs.

Real estate is a lucrative asset. You need to acquire substantial funds to own or build a property. On account of this, home loans are high-profile loans spread across longer tenures attached with higher interest rates. Clearing off such a sizable debt demands commitment on the borrower's part. Since you will be pledging a large portion of your earnings towards monthly instalments, exercising prudence is essential. 

Best Home Loan Tips

Before signing a home loan agreement, you must compare the rates of interest and tenures offered by other lending institutions. It is equally important to read the entire loan agreement, know the fees charged by the said financial establishment, and have an accurate repayment schedule in your hands. 

To seal the best deal, you must understand the various factors that affect a home loan. The following article includes tips to select the perfect home loan that can save you resources, time, and a great deal of anxiety.

Comparing Lenders

To secure quick funds, most borrowers sign a contract with the first lender that they come across. By giving in to haste, you can miss out on better offers by other creditors. Banks and Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) offer competitive interest rates on home loans. 

By securing an affordable interest rate, you can significantly reduce your EMI. Apart from this, you must also compare the loan tenures proposed by different lending organizations. Generally speaking, loan terms and interest rates are directly proportional; longer the loan tenure, the higher is the interest rate. PNB home loan has designed schemes to cater to the individual needs of every customer.

Understanding bank charges and other fees

After you appeal for a housing loan, banking institutions and housing finance companies levy several charges to process your application. These include processing fees, application fees, legal and technical charges, stamp duty, brokerage, and GST. As these expenses get added to your sanctioned loan amount, you should compute all the supplementary costs beforehand.

Loan Amount

As per Government and RBI regulations, banks and NBFCs can grant home loans only up to 80% of the property value. The rest 20% has to be paid by the home buyer in the form of a down payment. The loan amount sanctioned by every finance house is different. You should choose the ideal loan figure depending on your credit requirements. In any case, you should possess enough monetary resources to deposit the remaining value.

Selecting the right interest amount

Choosing the right kind of home loan interest rate ensures a smooth repayment process. A fixed interest rate remains fixed for the entire loan tenure, while a floating interest rate fluctuates as per market conditions. While some people may prefer a fixed interest rate due to its flexibility, it tends to be higher. 

On the other hand, a floating interest rate can be beneficial when the market is in your favor. Knowing your preferences in advance helps you make a wiser decision. Comparing the values, interest rate chart can Fastrack your loan process.

Pre-approved Loan

It is advantageous to apply for a home loan before you begin to look for a property. A pre-approved loan gives an exact numerical representation of the property value you should be looking for. Banking authorities generally grant such loans after assessing the borrower's income status and ability to clear off the debt. 

Receiving a nod from your lender in advance notifies you and your real estate agent of a clear budget before beginning a house hunt. With a pre-approved PNB home loan, you can build your dream house without worries.


Housing loans are high-value credit instruments that take years to get repaid. Nevertheless, by keeping the above tips in mind, you can secure safe funds without hassle. To find the most affordable PNB Home loan interest rate, you can visit our website or the nearest PNB branch.

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