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Remember being very young and starting school for the first time? Some kids are crying, and some are happy just with the school's name. It's funny how ‘formal schools’ have always been synonyms of learning. But don't you think knowledge goes beyond this? It surely does. 

Learning becomes a part of life from the beginning, and the more you learn, the more you grow. So, today just to give an ode to learning (our favourite things; Investing & trading 😋) we have reviewed for you Learnapp, one of the fastest-growing video-based learning platforms in India. So lets get started. 

Learnapp overview

Learning should be constant! The learning portal we will review today is all set to teach you about trading & investing. Learnapp, is an online education platform brought into life by Prateek Singh. It all started in 2007 when Prateek, a college dropout, casually started trading and began to take an interest in it. Fast-forward to 2018, Learnapp came into existence. 

The Ed-tech startup provides courses on investing, trading, & finance through live or recorded video sessions by industry experts on a subscription basis.

With the vision to impart real-world skills, practical education & insight-driven learning. The company aims to become the world’s largest video education platform with more than ten crore Monthly Active Users in the years to come. Big plans! 

This was a brief introduction to the company. Let us now move forward with the key features.  

Key Features

So, in a nutshell, Learnapp is a video-based teaching platform with courses relating to Trading, Investing & Business.  

Structured Learning Paths 

On the home page, you will find Structured learning paths. That is a guided roadmap to help you achieve your learning goals. This section is further divided into two areas are Trading & Investing

As the name suggests, the trading section has courses based on options, technical analysis, Crypto and more. 

Featured/New/upcoming courses:

On the home page, you will find another section of Featured, New & Upcoming courses. 


This is divided into, sections of classes & courses along with a learning map. In the learning map, you will find sections on Trading, investing & business. Here you can select the module you want to learn and complete it sequentially.

Then comes the courses section, which is like a library of all the courses they offer in the video format. Likewise is the classes section in which you can find a class-wise distribution of courses. 


This is an interactive section that includes free and premium workshops based on the topics like IPO’s, trading, business models and more. Also, in this, you find structured and actionable strategies, daily live mentorship, doubt resolution sessions and more.


As the name suggests, these are the advanced classes in terms of trading only. By advance, we mean topics related to Algo trading, Python Algo execution programme etc. 


Pricing is a tricky factor; For Learnapp, there is a single price i.e ₹4,500 for 12 months, to have access to all 250+ courses they are offering. 

The Good & The Bad


Industry expertise: With the app, you will be able to learn from industry experts. All the teachers are corporate professionals with hands-on expertise in the subject matter. 

Option for a free trial: There is an option for a free trial of courses before you pay for it.

Interactive sessions: One of the best features of the courses offer are, one on one interactive sessions. 

Best of both worlds: By best of both worlds we mean, the platform offers courses on both investing & trading. 


Only yearly plan: The premium plan does not have a lot of convenient options, convenient in the sense that there is only a one-year subscription plan with a one-time payment option. 

Auto-renewal only through credit cards: The auto-renewal option after the premium plan can be done ‘only’ through credit cards. That is a limitation for anyone who does not use credit cards. 

Learning never stops and to enhance your learning experience we bring to you Quest By Finology. 

Quest By Finology


A financial learning platform by Finology, Quest. Provides quick, fun & insightful courses related to finance, investing, and the stock market as a whole. 

The Top perks which Quest provides are: 

  1. Enrich your profile with BSE Institute Certifications. 

  2. Learn as per your convenience from binge-worthy Marathon and bite-sized Sprint courses.

  3. Get your personalised learning path through Financial IQ Quiz and Race Tracks.

  4. Above all, learn from Industry Experts in prolific courses created by them!

Key Features:

Bookmarks: The bookmark option in Quest lets you save your favourite topics, so that next time you want to read them, you can navigate to them in seconds. 

Flashcards: Flashcards are small note cards with questions and concepts discussed in the course. These flashcards would aid you to recall what you have learnt in the courses. 

Certifications: Quest provides certifications after completing courses, plus it also provides BSE certificates.

Quest VS Learnapp

Premium Plan: The premium plan of finology is ₹500 Per month, for which you get access to all the products which Finology offers, such as Ticker, Quest & Recipe. On the other hand, with an annual subscription of Learnapp of ₹4,500 you get access to all its videos. 

Features: Quest has various features like, flashcards, quizzes & downloadable notes. On the flip side, we felt that Learnapp lacked various features like these. 

Personalised course recommendation: So, based on the quiz you take. Quest recommends your personalised course based on your financial IQ. 

The Final Verdict

In the end, we would just like to say that, Learnapp is a fast-growing video-based platform that provides indepth knowledge about the subject matter. As far as features are concerned, the portal does not provide a lot of them yet. The fee structure is average but could have provided monthly and half-yearly options too. So overall, we would like to give 3 stars out of 5 to the Learnapp portal. 

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