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Created on 21 Apr 2022

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This is going to sound like a little girl’s made-up fantasy, but believe me you, it is very much a reality. Do you think it is weird that Virat Kohli insured his beard, Amitabh Bachhan his voice, John Abraham his bottoms? Don’t they seem a little too paranoid to be insuring body parts like that?
As bizarre as it may sound, a lot of people insure the strangest of things. But we have a winner here. Spooksafe insurance policies. 

Did you ever feel that a hand may crawl out from under your bed and grab your legs if you leave them uncovered? Has that thought deprived you of your peaceful night’s sleep? Or when you woke up in the middle of the night to get chilled water from the fridge and heard a crackling voice calling out your name? How fast did you run to your room, hoping to escape the voice?

Spooksafe policies provide you cover against just that. Let’s dig a little deeper and spook it up then, shall we?

What is a Spooksafe Insurance Policy?

Spooksafe insurance policies cover against all incidents that are of paranormal or supernatural nature.

Spooksafe policies cover the incidents of the following nature-
👉Death by a paranormal or supernatural body/activity
👉Injury by a paranormal or supernatural body/activity
👉Damage to personal property caused by a paranormal or supernatural body/activity
👉Attacks by a paranormal or supernatural body/activity like vampires and/or werewolves
👉When a person is turned into a vampire or werewolf. 

If you are like, “You have got to be kidding me!” No, I am not kidding about it. Didn’t we all think that vampires and werewolves existed only in Twilight and Vampire Diaries? But it appears that people are very paranoid and pay a hefty sum to get insured against those odds of odds. 

Early cases of Spooksafe Insurance

UK based insurance provider, Ultraviolet, is believed to be the first in the industry to provide insurance of such abnormal nature. 

A pub owner feared that a ghost of a monk haunted his pub and could be a real threat to the lives of his customers and staff. The ghost who haunted the hotel “shot glasses along the bar one night”. The pub owner bought a Spooksafe insurance policy with Ultraviolet for an annual cost of EUR500 for a cover of EUR1 million!

But apparently, the monk ghost did not come back to shoot more glasses. So, there goes EUR500 for nothing. 

But not every insurance cost goes to the gutter. A woman covered under similar insurance was thrown over banisters in her home, which resulted in her death. It was concluded by underwriters that a paranormal body was involved in the killing, and thus the insurance company paid out the claim for a sum of $100,000!

Who needs a Spooksafe insurance policy?

Spooksafe insurance policy is not something that you will need, but rather something that you might want. You might want it in the following cases:

  • You honestly believe that something is haunting your home and that your family is at risk.  

  • You are genuinely concerned about your well being and often fear that something paranormal or supernatural nature will attack you.

  • You are a huge fan of ghost stories, horror movies, and supernatural series. You truly believe in their existence and fear you might encounter them someday. 

  • You know someone who is paranoid and fears these supernatural and paranormal beings the whole time. It will provide them with the peace of mind they deserve. 

  • You could gift it to someone as a joke.

Other Ghost Insurance

While the UK based firm Ultraviolet was a first, there are other companies such as Lloyd’s of London that provide coverage for similar situations. If ghosts, vampires and werewolves are not only concerns but Yeti, Bigfoot and alien attacks/abductions bother you equally, Lloyd covers the policyholders against such odds as well. 

A UK based firm, Goodfellow Rebecca Ingram Pearson, had sold over 30,000 policies that cover incidents of alien abduction or impregnation. These policies were bought by mostly cult followers who believed in the existence of aliens. 

And Lloyd is spread across 200 countries, with more than 40,000 people in the ghost insurance policy only and over 60,000 people under vampire and werewolf insurance.


It is natural to be scared of ghosts and otherworldly creatures. But believing in them so much that even their non-existence makes a person paranoid, is something people have to work on. 

Indian insurance providers have yet not considered providing coverage for such extraordinary events. But it takes very less time for western trends to be adapted here. Let’s see who pioneers in the Indian insurance industry to provide such insurance policies. 

Who do you think will be the first in India? How will they conclude if a paranormal or supernatural being is the cause of such events? What are the terms and conditions going to be like? Anyhow, it will be interesting and entertaining. 

Till we meet again. Don’t let the spook take away your peace!

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