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The world is expanding my friend, not physically but digitally. With the pandemic, how we connect digitally has taken a new shape altogether. This expansion is visible in our favourite world of stocks too. We have got more than 6000 companies listed in NSE & BSE alone. Plus a flood of IPOs is adding to the list. 

So, in a nutshell, we have plenty of choices to choose from. But how to make that choice? 

There were days back then when equity research, stock analysis and such things were done by sophisticated bankers and analysts but due to the easy excess of information, we have plenty of data available to analyse our stocks ourselves with stock analysis tools. Today, especially for you, we have reviewed two very popular stock analysis tools. Hope you like the review!

Ticker Tape & Screener

Stock analysis tools are so important for better decision making. Right? There are various tools you can find today with free & premium features and among such tools are Ticker Tape & Screener which we will review for you today in terms of its features, pros & cons and more. So, let’s just get started.

What is Ticker Tape

Ticker Tape- Stock Analysis Tool

Ticker tape or “TT” describes itself as a content & information platform for investment instruments such as Stocks, Mutual Funds, ETFs and others. The website includes various tools for analysis such as Screener, Market mood index and Learn. 

The main features of Tickertape:

Screener by Ticker Tape: 
As the name suggests, it is a stock filter tool. According to the website, it is the ‘most comprehensive stock delivery tool’. 

Users can filter the Screener in terms of:
-Market Cap
-Closing Price
-PE Ratio
Also, users can add their own respective features.

Market Mood Index: MMI, is a sentiment analysis tool to understand the market mood divided in terms of fear & greed as depicted in the image below. Fear implies a Bearish mood while Greed implies a Bullish mood

.According to the website, ‘It is a sentiment tool that describes the current mood in the market as emotions’.

According to the website, ‘It is a sentiment tool that describes the current mood in the market as emotions’. And MMI helps you time your trades & investment better. 

Stock deals: It tells about the Bulk deals carried out by HNI’s eg. mutual funds, banks, promoters or top employees. These bulk deals sell and buy a large amount of stock at one time which has a significant impact on the stock price. 

Read & share: Under the Read and Share there are options for learning such as Learn & Blog.

In this section, you can search or explore different stocks, ETFs, Indices and mutual funds. 

Key Features of Premium Version

Like any other stock screening website, ticker tape is also bifurcated into free & premium features. The ones we discussed above are free, and given below are the premium features. 
-Advanced Screening: Where you get features like premium screens, unlimited customs filters and more.
-Data Export: Here you can download financials, shareholding history and more. 
-Investment Insights: You will get investment insights based on growth score, Default Probability etc.
-Stock Deal Insights: Here you can find insights based on stock deals trends, you can add filters based on categories & transaction types and more.
-Stock Forecasts: As the name suggests you can look out for forecasts in terms of price, revenue & EPS.
-Mutual Fund insights: Here, you can research mutual funds. 

Moving forward lets take a look at the pros & cons of tickertape.
Green Flags

  • Very well presentation of consolidated data of different years in financials and peer comparison.

  • Detailed information in terms of holding trends, financial trends, recent news and events in a single place. 

Red Flags

  • Even in the pro membership, it does not predict the exact trend. The prediction is always in 3 ‘probabilities’ and never exact. 

  • In various sections, you might find the wrong presentation of data and differences in information.

Well, it’s indeed a good product. Moving forward lets take a look at another stock screening product called Screener. 

What is

Screener- Stock Analysis Tool

Screener, this stock analysis tool was created by Ayush and Pratyush Mittal. It is one of the most popular stock research profiles in India where users can find financial details of public companies for the last 10 years.

The main features of
Most of the features such as financial ratios, charts, analysis, peers/competitors, quarterly results, annual results, profit & loss statements, balance sheet, cash flows, etc. are free but the features like export/import trade data, latest announcements are premium features.

Other features are as follows:
Watchlist: A user can create a watchlist of stocks under this and manage columns in terms of ratios, financials, historicals and more. Below is the specimen of the screener watchlist. 
Feed: The feed section includes the latest news and updates regarding the stocks on your watchlist and searches. Such as company announcements, regulatory changes and more. This section also includes New quarterly results and Annual reports of stocks. 
Screens: Stock screens is the benchmark feature of, in which a user can search for a customized stock list based on individual queries as seen in the picture below. 

Stock screens is the benchmark feature of, in which a user can search for a customized stock list based on individual queries as seen in the picture below.
Tools: In this, the majority of features are premium except for ‘create a stock screen.’ 

Extract data on excel sheet: The data present on the website can be extracted in the excel sheet.

Key Features of Premium Version: 

  • Unlimited stock screening updates

  • Industry filter for screens

  • Multiple Watchlists

  • Quarterly results tracker

  • Priority Support and more.

What we liked about

  • The data and information provided in are comparatively more reliable.

  • In-depth research insight.

What we did not like about

  • The premium plan is slightly expensive with no unique features. 

  • More features can be added. The existing features are basic and can be easily found in other stock analysis tools.

Price Comparision The premium plan for will cost you 4999/year. 

Tickertape: The premium plan for ticker tape is divided into monthly segments as follows:

Tickertape: The premium plan for ticker tape is divided into monthly segments as follows:

12 Months


6 Months


3 Months


1 Month


Ticker by Finology

One of the key products by Finology One is Ticker. This break-through stock analysis product includes a number of features such as a Screener, IPO details, Bundles, Super Investor, Sector-wise analysis.

Ticker is a new-age digital stock screening, equity research platform which provides investors with the A to Z analysis of listed companies on the stock market, all in one place!

Tools of Ticker

Screener: Since it is a rigorous process to pick up the best stock from more than 6000 companies listed in NSE & BSE alone. Thus, this is a tool used to select the best stocks among the group of stocks. It is basically used to perform stock screening, analysis & equity research. 

Also, Ticker’s Smart Screener gives you the option to filter companies based on their sector or industry from your search result. For example, if you search for companies with Mcap > 100000, you get 55 companies. But if you want to know if there is any banking company on the list, you just have to type “Bank” in the search box and Voila! Like this, there are plenty of other things you can do with the screener.

IPO Details: As the name suggests, in this section you can find the details of the IPO’s along with detailed information about the company and its financials. Also, a dedicated blog is published of the respective company with a detailed IPO review, whose link you can directly find in Ticker.

Bundles: This is a basket of professionally crafted bundles of stocks resembling similar categories of scrips. For example, bundles like Efficient banks include the banking stocks that are efficient in their operations. Or bundles like Cash Cows include companies that are cash-rich.  

Super Investor: This section includes a list of well-renowned investors like Dilipkumar Lakhi, Radhakrishnan Damani even the president of India and more.

Sector: As the name suggests, this is a sector-specific section divided into various sectors like Agriculture, Airline, Auto ancillary, Automobiles, Banks, Chemicals, Defence, Insurance, Paint, finance and more.

Stock Analysis & Peer Comparision: The stock analysis platform of ticker provides a sophisticated yet simple interface for decision making. The peer comparison tool helps to pick the best performing peer as in, it compares the companies operating in the same industry and chooses the best among the lot with peer comparison. 

Well, these were just some of the many tools and features Ticker provide. You can check them out yourselves.

Our Verdict

Stock analysis & equity research is an art and we would like to rate both the tools we reviewed today. As a user, the top highlights we look for are features and fees. 
As far as features are concerned, it is evident that Ticker Tape offers more compared to But it is indicated that provides more reliable data. The fees structure of Ticker tape is flexible and user friendly. Thus, more stars for this one to ticker tape. Nevertheless, take a look at our overall ratings for both the products. 


Ticker Tape Vs Screener start rating comparision
Anyways, if you are really confused about Ticker tape & you always have a better choice, Ticker by finology. Do tell us in the comment section what do you think about both the tools. Until then, Happy investing!

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