Zomato’s Dilemma: Restaurants or Customers, Who is more important?

Created on 19 Sep 2019

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Updated on 10 Sep 2022

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Imagine that you buy two tickets for Las Vegas and you need not bear any additional cost for accommodation, for gambling in some of the world’s biggest casinos also you have an option for unlimited shopping then it would be so fun know. 


That is only possible if Mukesh Ambani launches his own travel aggregating platform.  Right now what we have is Zomato’s Infinity Dining for all the foodies who can have such kind of fun but obviously, not in Las Vegas. With this new option gold member can order anything and everything from the entire menu. 

Who needs buffet when you have option for unlimited a la carte? 

Infinity Dining just made the life of foodie hell of a lot easier. Now, a Zomato gold member can choose a partner restaurant and then go there and order anything from the menu without being charged additionally. One needs to select the restaurant and pre-book it according to the number of person visiting and then pay online, after that he/she can visit it and have unlimited feast from the menu.  

After eating please, ask for your bill (“Jago Grahak Jaago”) and check that the amount shall be zero. 

The soon to be turning out fairytale lasted no more than 1 month for Zomato  

Although, this program was super hit amongst the foodies out there but like always, there is an opportunity cost for everything here this cost was borne by the restaurant owners. The disgruntled restaurant operators soon started to delist themselves from Zomato and also from many other food aggregators like nearbuy, magicpin etc… There is no such thing as a free-lunch. 

Soon a #Logout campaign was launched by the restaurant operators. 

The super hit program soon faced so much criticism amongst the restaurant owner that more than 1200 restaurant quit themselves from being the partner of dine in program of online platforms. The owners claimed the deep-discounting program to be unsustainable. In a recent faceoff between aggregators and owners the company said that it will soon rectify its mistakes and requested them put a hold to their logging out campaign.  

Zomato also had to pay a price as, it lost 1% of its gold partner restaurant within 1 month of the launch of the program. 

So, if you are planning to buy Zomato Gold we advise you to sit tight and let the company solve its row with the restaurant owners. 

Hope you liked this information. Comment below with your opinions/suggestions.

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