How to Check CAMS IPO Allotment Status?

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Cams IPO allotment status

During the recent initial public offerings (IPO) wave hitting the country, numerous companies of different industries opened up their IPO for the public in the last month, and one of them became the biggest IPO of the FY20 so far, after getting an overwhelming response from investors. This company was private equity firm Warburg Pincus-backed Computer Age Management Services (CAMS).

CAMS or Computer Age Management Service is said to be the largest mutual funds transfer agent and Registrar. The company has always garnered a lot of attention, as a result of having years of experience in the field. It is co-owned by Great Terrain, who is also its promoter and a few public shareholders with NSE investment holding a major portion.

The company offers a wide range of services, from interface management to other technology-related services, spreading across the mutual funds' sector to other organizations that fall under the category of investment, banking, insurance, and the non-banking sector.

CAMS opened its IPO to the market on September 21 to 23 and is now set to be listed on the market this week. The CAMS issue was oversubscribed nearly 47 times, receiving bids for 601 million shares against the offered size of 12 million shares.

And now, the numerous investors who subscribed to the CAMS IPO are awaiting the allotment, the wait for which is finally over, as the allotment status will be available on September 30. We will discuss how you can check your CAMS IPO allotment status, but first, let us get to know how the issue performed.

What happened with the Cams IPO issue?

The issue received strong investor response, especially from high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) and qualified institutional Biggers (QIBs), despite being large in size. However, the Retail participation in the issue, as compared to the recent IPOs was not too strong.

Through its issue, CAMS had raised Rs 2,244.3 crore in the price band of Rs 1,229-1,230 per share. All the raised money will be given to NSE Investments.

The non-institutional investor (NII) quota got subscribed 111 times. The quota for qualified institutional bidders (QIBs) was subscribed 73.18 times, retail quota 5.54 times and the employees' quota 1.16 times. Overall, the issue was subscribed 46.99 times.

Last week, CAMS was trading with a Rs 300-350 premium over the issue price.

How to check your Cams IPO allotment status?

All shares to the eligible investors will be credited by September 30, as per the schedule mentioned in the prospectus and the refunds and unblocking of funds from Applications Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA) account will take place around September 29.

The investors of the public issue can check their CAMS IPO allotment status on the BSE website or registrar Link Intime India's website.

Link Intime India is the private Registrar to the CAMS issue, which is a SEBI-registered body responsible for IPO allotment and processing of the refund.

Checking Cams IPO allotment status through the BSE Website:

Step 1: Go to the BSE website; go to the application status page.

Step 2: Check on the box "Equity".

Step 3: Select your "Issue Name" in the dropdown: Computer Age Management Services or CAMS (Please note: Company's name will appear only after the allotment process is done)

Step 4: Type your "Application Number" in the box.

Step 5: Type the "Permanent Account Number (PAN No.)" in the box.

Step 6: Lastly, click on the "Search" button.

Check allotment status through the Registrar's (Link Intime India's) website:

You can also visit Registrar's website, Link Intime India, to know your CAMS IPO allotment status:

Step 1: Select "Company Name" in the dropdown - Computer Age Management Services or CAMS (Note: Company name will be visible only after the allotment process has been completed)

Step 2: Checkbox either "Permanent Account Number (PAN No.)" or "Application Number" or Depository/Client ID

Step 3: Type your "Permanent Account Number (PAN No.)" or "Application Number" or Depository/Client ID in the box

Step 4: Finally click on "Submit" button

After submitting the correct details on either of the websites, you will be able to see your CAMS IPO allotment status or your application status. You can see the number of shares that have been subscribed by you and the number of shares that have been allotted to you, on the page.


The Computer Age Management Service or CAMS has an aggregate market share of approximately 70 percent based on mutual fund average assets under management (AAUM) managed by its clients and serviced by itself during July 2020.

Over the last five years, CAMS has increased its market share from around 61 percent during March 2015 to around 69 percent in March 2020, based on the AAUM (Average Assets Under Management) service.

The CAMS IPO issue sparked excitement in the market with its hefty response and popularity among the investors. The company had, before the issue, already shown confidence in its performance and had expected a good response. In fact, it already had seen an oversubscription in the grey market.

However, due to this kind of response and heavy subscriptions from investors, it is clear that not every investor will be getting the same number of shares as they applied for.

But, looking at the brighter side, you don't have to worry if you didn't get the allotment. There are still a lot of good IPOs lined up in the market. UTI AMCMazagon dock shipbuilders ltd, and so many others just waiting to get subscribed to.

You can check the status of these IPOs on Finology and for more such updates on the upcoming IPOs, stay tuned with us.

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