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Quis cutodiet ipsos custodes? The phrase was initially intended to mean something else, but today it questions the power that people or organisations in positions of power exercise without any caution. The phrase roughly means, “Who watches the watchmen?”

When I first heard the phrase, I had no idea what it meant. Now, however, I often wonder about its implications.

While today’s article doesn’t tackle such a serious question, it does tackle a much more light-hearted one. We go through many review websites for various reasons, whether to compare phones, cars or even financial products.

So what is the answer to the Latin question in the context of review websites? Well, to answer in Latin, Nos custodes ipsos custodes (We watch the watchers. Well, “review the reviewers,” but you get the point).

Today we take upon the task to bring you a review of the IPO, Broker Review and City Info Website, Chittorgarh. Yes, you read it right; the website also has a “City Info” section.

Broker Review Websites

As consumers in an active market, the availability of choice brought to us due to multiple service providers or sellers also doubles as a problem for the same consumers.

Each seller has a unique feature that it uses to woo the customer. While these features do give each seller an edge of uniqueness, these same features also confuse the customers to no end.

Review websites have been a massive help with this confusion. Having the opinion of other users of a product or service at your beck and call is a great help. Gone are the times of taking a blind leap before any purchases.

But at Finology, while we are consumers of various products, our focus naturally shifts to the financial markets. Here, if a person wishes to invest in securities, they need an organisation called a broker to help them interact with the stock market.

Brokers exist in two variants; full-service brokers and discount brokers. Full-service brokers provide investors with an actual person known as a relationship manager, along with the availability of branch offices. Discount brokers offer cheaper services by replacing the human aspect with technology.

But even among brokers, many choices exist, and investors are exposed to the same confusion of choosing the right ones for them. Thankfully, broker review websites like Chittorgarh exist to help provide customers with valuable insight before choosing their broker.

Chittorgarh: Latest IPO Information | Stock Broker Reviews

First of all, let’s clear the air about the name and “city info” bit. The website was created by Chittorgarh Infotech Private Limited, a software development and web portal based internet business company. The website was initially created as an information hub about the city of Chittorgarh. The City Info Segment is a legacy feature that is still in place from the early days of the website.

Although the segment seems a bit out of place, it is a good read. The research is thorough, and I did enjoy my time on the website reading the stories of conquest and kingdoms involved with the historically Rajput-occupied city.

The transition to a broker review website happened when the website's creator, who was interested in the stock markets, started publishing his IPO research on the website as well. People liked the research, and the website slowly gained traction and popularity. Today, Chittorgarh has become a destination for people looking to learn about IPOs and broker reviews.

Our focus today will be on the broker review section of the webpage.

Chittorgarh Broker Review- A Review

As promised, here’s a review of the broker review website.

Features of Chittorgarh website

The Broker Reviews section of the webpage has the following segments:

  1. Reports

This segment provides tabular and graphical information regarding various brokers. From the number of active users to brokerage charges by multiple brokers, various facets of data are presented for the users’ perusal.

  1. Discount and Full-Service Broker Reviews

This segment has text-based reviews of various brokers and numerical data like active users, charges, etc. The reading material is concise and to the point. But the existence of the “Reports” and “Compare Brokers” segments creates a two-way redundancy. The segments make the data in the review a repetition, and the review does the same to the segments.

  1. Compare Brokers 

This segment has tutorials regarding various broker platforms, tabular comparison and side-by-side comparison, a complaint page and a glossary of terms.

  1. Trading Platform Reviews

This segment has reviews of standalone or web-based apps provided by various brokers. Information like user manual, shortcuts, etc., can be found here.

The Content: A Plus-Point

The text content in the various segments mentioned above is concise. This brevity is beneficial for the users who are well-versed in finance and looking for a quick read.

The technical terms could use a little explanation in the content itself. Although there is an explanation in the glossary section, leaving the current reading material to understand a singular topic breaks the reader’s flow.

The Visuals: Not too Pleasing

When one enters the website, the page's appearance leaves a bit to be desired from the get-go. The content mentioned above is coupled with way too many ads.

I understand that a page needs to generate revenue, but the current ad layout is very disruptive. Instead of wanting to click on them, I found myself actively trying to avoid them and staying focused on the reading material.

Created in 2003, the website has become somewhat dated, not in terms of the data presented but how the content on the webpage is displayed. At the risk of sounding a little impolite, the website looks like it was meant to be a personal archive that never grew out of that aesthetic, just the audience reach and content.

Selected for You

Well, since you’re reading this blog, it could be a safe assumption that you’re in the market for either your first broker or are looking to switch from an existing one. Either way, the selection process can be a bit taxing on the brain. And Chittorgarh has info, but it's messy.

But what if I told you there is a website with all the information you need? And what’s more, is that you won’t feel crushed under an avalanche of text using said website.

Too “sales pitch-y”? Don’t worry; I’ll break it down for you.

Enter Select by Finology. Select is a broker comparison platform that is tailor-made for you. Select has comparisons too, but it goes a step further by narrowing down the selection for you with the “Find Broker” quiz. Just answer a few questions (it takes only 30 seconds), and let Select do the thinking for you.

Find my broker -  Select Finology

Select will find the suitable brokers for you based on your answers and save you the hassle of comparing all of the brokers available. You pick from the creme de la creme of brokers that Select thinks to suit you the best.

So save the time you spend on the selection process and get a head start on investing with Select by Finology.


Brokers are one of the two intermediaries between an investor and the company. Selecting the right one is equally vital for you and your portfolio because a poor choice will lead to a broker that will “break the bank”. As for Chittorgarh, here's what we think:

chittorgarh review

So education is essential, not just in terms of stocks and the investor, but also about the broker.

So stay informed, and happy investing.

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