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Till now, you ordered your cosmetics from Nykaa and were pretty satisfied with every delivery you received. But, as soon Nykaa got listed, you heard about the listing gains. It became the talk of the town. It is not every day that a brand you are so personally attached to, gets listed with a premium of 79%.
And that is the day you decided to step into the world of the share market. But how would little old you, unaware of the dark secrets of this world, know where to begin.
You start with learning stock market concepts, and in a few days, you feel like you’re ready to start the fundamental and technical analysis of stocks. But you need a screener to begin the process. 

Here is where we come in and help you choose the right analysis tool. 

Trendlyne Platform Overview

Trendlyne Review

Trendlyne is a website for screening stocks and analysing them. Founded in Bangalore in 2016, by Amber Pabreja and Devi Yesodharan, this company provides free as well as premium features for stock market analysis, research reports, stock alerts, visualization tools, and trending business news. It has the special attention of IIFL Securities since it has a stake of 20.55% after buying an additional stake of 6.25% in 2020.  

Let’s take a look at the features provided by Trendlyne. 

Features of Trendlyne

1. The Trendlyne Scores - DVM

The DVM stands for Durability, Valuation and Momentum score. These three help in analyzing the quality of the stocks. The higher these scores are, the better. 

  • Durability Score- This score shows if the company has good and consistent financial performance, non-fluctuating revenues, profits, cash flows & if the debt is low. 
  • Valuation Score- This score evaluates if the stock is priced competitively at current P/E, P/BV and stock price. 
  • Momentum Score-  A higher momentum score indicates that a particular stock is bought more than sold and is bullish. 

This image is showing the Trendlyne scores - DVM

2. Metrics in Trendlyne

While most essential metrics for technical analysis are free in Trendlyne, many others are only available to paid subscribers. Below there are two separate lists of the metrics that are free and of that are premium. 

  • Free Metrics-
    52-week high-low, 1 yr return vs Nifty50, Avg broker target, Market Cap., Price to Book Ratio, TTM PE Ratio, TTM PEG Ratio, Operating Revenues, Net Profit.
  • Premium Metrics-
    RSI (Relative Strength Index), MFI (Money Flow Index), MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence), MACD Signal Line, SMA (Simple Moving Averages), EMA (Exponential Moving Average), Forecaster, Target Price, Net Income, Free cash flow, EBIT, Dividend/share, Capital Expenditure, Cash EPS, Cashflow/share, Interest Expense, Depreciation & amortization.

It is evident that the premium metrics list is longer than the free list, and some very important and advanced tools needed for analysis are only accessible when you pay for them. A person can also customize these metrics according to one’s own preferences.

3. Stock Alert- Stock alerts can be set for shares you want to provide your special attention to. These alerts could be set with respect to price, SMA, research, and volume and are sent to your mail-id.

4. The Forecaster feature- The forecaster feature has three estimates, namely

  • Consensus Estimates 

  • Real-Time & Historical Estimates

  • Detailed Estimates

They basically provide estimates, studied by a lot of analysts through analyst calls, projections, research and modelling. These estimates are used to track whether the stock will go up or down. 

Subscription Cost

The annual plan of Trendlyne ranges from ₹1190 to ₹9900 for different service plans.  

This image is showing the subscription cost.

Cancellation Policy & Customer Care Services

The amount paid for the subscription is non-refundable. And Trendlyne does not provide any free trial. Also, for any issue, subscribers can reach out to the company only through email. 

What's our verdict?

Below, we have stated a few attributes we liked and disliked of Trendlyne. 

Good things first:

  • The DVM scores are very helpful and the ranges provided for 'good', 'medium' and 'bad' stocks helps in narrowing down the choices.
  • In Trendlyne, one can get Annual Reports of up to 10 years in contrast to other screeners which mostly provide reports of the past 5 years.

The not-so-good things:

  • The user interface of Trendlyne is too cluttered.
  • When a company's name is searched in the search bar, directly clickable buttons of different segments appear in the search list. It makes navigation more difficult despite the intention of making it easier. 

What’s better than Trendlyne, then?

Answer: Ticker by Finology

Here, you have the option of selecting and screening any brand you search. To narrow down your choices and identify the right stock for you, the company essentials are mentioned right to the right of the brand’s real-time price summary. And then follow all other ratios and features of Ticker.

Ticker by Finology is the best screener platform than Trendlyne.

Features of Ticker

Company Essentials- Under the head of Company Essentials, the following things are listed- Market Cap, Enterprise Value, No. of Shares, P/E, P/B, Face value, Dividend Yield, Book value (TTM), Cash, Debt, Promotor holding, EPS(TTM), Sales growth, ROE, ROCE, Profit Growth.
You could choose from over 100 ratios and customize your screening of stocks on the basis of these ratios. 

FinStar- This feature is the most useful and provides an overall gist in just one look. A particular stock is rated on the basis of Ownership, Valuation, Efficiency and Financials. This analytical aggregate represents a thorough quantitative score. 

Index presence- In this, you can get a list of all the indexes the company is present in, and can also track them. 

Price chart and Volume Chart- The Price chart and Volume chart are real-time graphical representations of the movements in the market.

PE chart and PB chart - These charts show value and fluctuations in PE and PB ratio. 

Peer Comparison- Companies that are operating in the same industry and have similar market cap constitute this. The comparison chart offers an easy insight for comparing major ratios. 

Ratios- The following ratios of a particular company are available in the graphical format of 1, 3 and 5 years- Sales growth, Profit growth, ROE%, ROCE%, Debt to Equity, Price to Cash flow, Interest cover ratio, CFO/PAT. 

This image is showing the features of Ticker.

Since a lot of beginners struggle to understand and use stock analysis tools, Ticker also has most of the important ratios required for stock analysis explained thoroughly at the end of every ‘Search brand or company’ page. 

Brief about the (dash) company- This basically is the whole kaccha chittha of a company. 

Ticker Plus-  You must wonder, if all of the tools needed for analysis are provided for free, what does the premium model has to offer? 

  • Valuation Techniques

  • Premium Bundles

  • Exclusive Access to Special Features

There are so many more features to this but for today, we’ll leave it on you to discover it.

Until then, happy investing!

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