Juicy Scams

How Stock Brokers are fueling Fake Advisories!

Created on 07 Sep 2022

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Updated on 16 Sep 2022

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Growing up in Indian families, how often have you had to face the brunt of the taunt, “You will never amount to anything! You’re worthless!”? As toxic as such parenting comments would be, I am sure they meant well. Right? Well, childhood trauma apart, how would you feel if someone quite literally reduced your value down to pennies? While the reduction in value is not quite literal, it is actually sensitive information about you that is sold at a discount.

“Caveat emptor” goes right out the window as users agree to the terms and conditions when signing up with these data mongers. “Who are these unscrupulous weasels?”- you may wonder. Think back to some of the most recent “Agree and Continue” you clicked on without reading the whole terms. Before you get lost in a list of irresponsible clicks, let me help you. I’m talking about your broker(s) that possess your phone number, age, location, and so much more. That’s more data about my personality than I’d like anyone to possess, let alone someone who sells that data. Yeah, some “terms” in those documents put sensitive data about you in a compromised “condition”.

You are missing out on so much.

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