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Urja Global Ltd - Bullish or Bullshit Green Energy

Created on 14 Jan 2023

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Updated on 16 Jan 2023

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18x growth! That’s how much India’s installed solar power capacity has grown in just 7 years. The number has gone from 2.63 GW in 2014 to 49.3 GW in 2021. Hell, the number went up by 12 GW from 2021 to November 2022!

India’s solar power generation has seen a 34% year-on-year growth, reaching 47.64 billion units. At this rate, the Government’s 2030 goal of achieving 450 GW of installed renewable energy capacity and deriving 62.2% of it from solar power seems like a real number and not another empty promise. Things are really looking up…

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