Juicy Scams

When RAW wanted to investigate Reliance and Ambani!

Created on 06 Sep 2022

Wraps up in 6 Min

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Updated on 15 Sep 2022

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Imagine a broke Ambani (ahem-Anil-ahem). Hard to believe, but this guy’s net worth as of March 2022 is legit zero! But what could Dhirubhai Ambani’s infamous prodigy have done to soil the legacy of the billionaire title? (Hint: He dealt with China ka maal.) Hold tight, for it’s a tale that won’t pass LinkedIn’s eligibility criteria because it goes from riches to rags to bankruptcy. Coping from a bitter fight with his brother Mukesh after Dhirubhai’s death, the “could be” fortunate Anil became the Chairman of Reliance ADAG (Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group) in 2006. A few good days followed, making him the sixth richest man in the world. However, all of this went down Antilia’s “must be” beautiful drainage system soon after. 

While the story's conclusion is sorted, let’s now delve into the juicier bit. 

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