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Dollar's Getting Dull-er: Now, What About Rupee?

Created on 08 Jun 2023

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Updated on 28 Sep 2023

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The US Dollar and its might in the world are in danger of disappearing for good. You must also have seen articles and social media posts saying the end of USD is near. Is it true, or is it a full-fledged rumour to create panic in the market? After all, a currency's value plays a huge role in the investing world.

We all dream of visiting foreign locations for a memorable vacation at least once in our lifetime, I know I do.🤩  But the one thing that’s stopping us from doing so (apart from non-existing savings) is the huge difference between Indian Rupee & other currencies. We are well aware that different countries use different currencies to purchase and sell things. So, the exchange rate of currencies plays a huge role here, using which people mark the exact value of a commodity. And when the talk of currencies comes, we can’t exactly ignore the superpower of the US Dollar.

You are missing out on so much.

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