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Google Vs Indian Startups: A War Against Google's Billing Policy

Created on 22 Jul 2023

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Updated on 24 Jul 2023

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The entity famous for being the know-it-all in our world, the entity that everyone relies on for both big and small difficulties, has its bad days as well. Google, the search engine handling more than 3.5 billion searches on a daily basis, is everywhere. It doesn't come as a surprise since among the 8.0 billion people on Earth (as per Worldometer), 30% or so are using its assistance multiple times a day. This makes me wonder; if everyone on the planet is turning towards Google for their troubles, then who helps Google find a way out of tough spots? And though difficult to believe, Google is in a tough spot in India. 

Google’s User Billing Policy is facing harsh setbacks in India as it reportedly breaks CCI's set regulations. The Competition Commission of India has already charged Google with a fine of ₹1,337 crore for anti-competitive practices in Android devices which has been further discussed in brief below. Apart from this, Google is also accused of unfairly taking advantage of its dominating position in the tech market with its 30% commission charge. 

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