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Is Maruti waking up to the Hyundai challenge?

Created on 06 Sep 2022

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Updated on 17 Oct 2022

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Just like Lord Hanuman transported Mount Meru for the Sanjeevani plant for Lakshamana, Indians believe a Maruti will ferry them safely across all obstacles to their destination. My neighbour in the building has owned a Maruti 800 for 15 years. My building has developed cracks and could collapse any day, but the Maruti is still going strong and steady. But what’s super strange is how its most famous models were mostly with no airbags, EVs, sunroofs or automatic transmission system, Maruti Suzuki could hold a market share of 58.06% until 2020! Well, sure, it’s losing its market share now, but what’s the deal with people liking it so much without much innovation?🤔

In the 90s, only 1.6% of Indians were car owners but now, the number has grown to 8%. Sure it sounds too less with the traffic situation in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai, but only 1 out of 12 households in India has a car! 🤯 And guess what? Almost half of these cars are Marutis. Nevertheless, our article's hero has been witnessing a significant reduction to 41% market share. As per the industry experts, this downslide is due to Maruti’s decision to stop selling diesel cars which reduced the total number of cars sold by almost 250,000 units. But is it really the reason? Or not catching up to the Hyundai challenge has finally pushed Maruti to reconsider its stance towards modern automobile features?

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