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When BCCI stole from Zee Entertainment

Created on 06 Sep 2022

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Updated on 21 Oct 2022

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If recalling the childhood days of playing cricket reminds you of having to dip your hands in drains to get the ball out, Insider’s deepest condolences. However fond (or not) the memory of cricket may be for you, it is undeniably one of the most intriguing products of mankind. After all, be it a train station or any public space, if there is something that can get every Indian’s eye hooked to a tiny audio-less screen, it is cricket.

As if multiple gods and religions weren’t enough already, we Indians have labelled even cricketers as demigods to start feuds in their names. And that’s why another thing that proves the large viewership and prominence of the game is the hotly contested battles in arenas ranging from media boardroom to chai tapris. No wonder sports channels and media companies have been earning gigabucks through broadcasting rights and advertising revenues since cricket began broadcasting. And these broadcasting rights are what determine the advertising revenues!

You are missing out on so much.

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