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Card Insider Review: Analysing The Card Select'ing Platform

Created on 13 Jun 2023

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In India, the number of credit card users as of June 2023 stands at 8.5 crore. Even while this number has been slowly increasing in recent years and is anticipated to do so in the years to come, India still has a low credit card penetration rate, with only about 3% of the population owning one. In comparison, credit card penetration is significantly higher in other developed nations. For instance, the penetration rate of credit cards is over 60% in the United States. A variety of factors cause the low credit card penetration in India. One explanation is that the population of India is less wealthy and younger than that of developed nations. Another reason is that there is a lack of awareness about credit cards in India.

However, India's credit card market is expanding quickly. Over the past five years, there has been a 20% growth in the number of credit cards issued in India. The Indian credit card market has promising development prospects. India's population is becoming more affluent, and the economy is expanding quickly. As a result of this, the demand for credit cards is rising. These elements are predicted to cause the credit card market in India to expand at a CAGR of 18% over the following five years.

The utility of credit cards differs from person to person. Some prefer not to carry cash or checks and use them for convenience. Others use them in order to accrue benefits like cash back or travel points. Yet more people make use of them to establish a credit score. Protections like fraud and purchase protection are something that credit cards can also provide.

Credit cards can be an excellent way to establish a positive credit history, earn rewards, and safeguard your purchases, and cash reserves are also made available. Carrying a balance, making late payments, and overspending are a few risks connected to them. 

Talking about credit cards reminds me of an experience that my friend Kartik had just after graduating. Kartik was seeking a credit card. He didn't know where to begin because he was daunted by the sheer volume of alternatives. To assist him in reducing his selections, he chose to use an online credit card selection tool. He answered a few questions about his goals and spending patterns on the platform, and it then produced a list of credit cards that might be a good fit for him. Kartik discovered a credit card with the attributes he was seeking and applied for it. Soon after, he got his credit card. He was appreciative of the platform's assistance in helping him find a new credit card that suited his needs and was delighted to have done so. One among these tools which can help assist with credit card selection is Card Insider.

About Card Insider 

Card Insider may help with this credit card selection issue by offering a more straightforward, user-friendly, efficient, and hassle-free platform for credit card application. Card Insider is merely a service provider that makes it easier for someone interested in getting a credit card to connect with a bank or non-banking financial institution that issues credit cards. It offers free credit card comparisons, so you can select the card that best suits your needs. It gives you comprehensive information about credit cards, including precise details like travel benefits, lounge access, movie and dining perks, numerous credit card discounts and offers, and other user benefits.

The website also generates a personalized list of credit cards for you after comparing a huge number of credit cards from different banks and issuers. The interactive interface on the Card Insider website also enables you to side-by-side compare the major characteristics of two or more credit cards. It provides you with unbiased card reviews and blog pieces about financial literacy, allowing you to make an informed decision.

To use Card Insider (both website and app), you simply need to submit some basic personal information, such as your name, contact number, and mail ID. Following that, Card Insider will give you a categorical list of credit cards for you to compare and select which best suits your needs. When analyzing the different cards on the list, the best card with the finest rewards, benefits, and interest rates may then be identified. 

For anyone looking for a new credit card. Card Insider can be your personal credit card advisor, It is an excellent resource. You can use it for free, it's simple to use, and it gives you all the data you require to make a wise choice.

Features of Card Insider:

Now, if you are about to dive into the Card Insider website, here are a few aspects of the platform that you could benefit from knowing about:

  • Card Insider evaluates dozens or even hundreds of credit cards from various banks and lenders.
  • Obtain a list of cards that are specifically tailored to your needs. 
  • Assists the users in obtaining their credit reports through authorised agents/partners.
  • Reduce the amount you pay with your credit card. With the help of Card Insider, you may lower your monthly payments with a user-friendly card that charges a low-interest rate.
  • Examine the top rewards, benefits, and interest rates. To determine which credit card offers the best rewards, features, and interest rates,
  • Card Insider is free and easy to use. You can evaluate credit cards in a matter of minutes.

The pros and cons of using Card Insider:

No platform is perfect. Every domain is balanced with its benefits and detriments. Card Insider is no exception to this rule of a balanced experience.

Here are a few positives and negatives of Card Insider for your due consideration:

Card Insider Pros:

  • Provides all the information you need to make an informed choice which is free and simple to use.
  • Compares hundreds of credit cards from various banks and lenders.
  • It gives you a list of cards that are specifically tailored to your needs.

Card Insider Cons:

  • Card Insider has a tonne of features, which some users may find overwhelming.
  • Compared to other credit card comparison tools, Card Insider does not offer as much customisation.

Card Insider also offers its users the following ways to utilise its platforms. The credit card comparison is just one of the features of the website. Following are the various use cases that Card Insider can serve you through:

  • You can use the website to compare credit cards.
  • You can use the app to compare credit cards on the go.
  • You can sign up for email alerts to be notified of new credit card offers.
  • You can join the Card Insider community to ask questions and get advice from other users.

Pick through Select

Are you tired of carrying a credit card that isn't practical for you? Do you consider the interest or fees you are paying to be too high? The credit card comparison tool for you in this situation is Select by Finology.

Select makes it simple to get the perfect credit card for your needs. You may compare credit cards side by side on the basis of interest rates, fees, reward schemes, and other elements. You can also browse neutral credit card reviews that have been authored by experts.

However, Select offers more than simply credit card comparisons. It can change your life. The credit card you've been looking for is available with Select by Finology. With this credit card, you can save money, build credit, and accomplish your financial goals.

Select uses cutting-edge technology to help you find the best card for your needs and pick the most suitable credit card comparison tools on the market.

Why do you still wait, then? Try Select by Insider as soon as possible to start enjoying the life you deserve.

How does Select make choosing credit cards easier?

Select is not just a website, it's a power tool to help you choose the right credit card for you. However, as with any tool, you need a bit of an instruction manual to get the best result out of its functions. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the best out of Select:

  • Be as specific about your Income range and employment details. This will aid Select in advising you on the best credit cards.
  • Carefully read the reviews of each credit card. This will make it easier for you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each card.
  • Examine credit cards offered by various lenders. You can use this to locate the greatest rewards system and interest rate.
  • Applying for a credit card before being certain that you can afford the instalments is a bad idea.

The Bottom Line

When evaluating various credit cards, make sure your comparisons are apples to apples. When deciding, be sure to take the annual fee, interest rate, rewards schemes, and other fees into account.

Keep in mind other things besides the rewards system. Even though a good rewards scheme can help you save money, it's crucial to also consider the other aspects that are important to you, such as the interest rate and annual fee. 

Avoid requesting too many credit cards all at once. Too many credit card applications can lower your credit score. Ensure you always make prompt and complete monthly credit card payments. This will lower your interest costs and raise your credit score.

I hope this helps you while applying!

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