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Insurance Coverage: To Cover The Oopsies!

Created on 25 Jul 2022

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Updated on 13 May 2023

"Savings alone are not enough to achieve financial freedom; protecting your assets with general insurance policies is equally important." – IFFCO-Tokio.

According to the recent 2022 insurance barometer study, around 106 million Indians don't have access to adequate coverage or life insurance. Despite it being an effective way to protect one's family and loved ones, many people do not even consider having insurance coverage. Comprehensive insurance coverage is critical as it can help individuals mitigate losses and add financial security to their life. It brings peace of mind to the insurance policyholder as well as their family to know that they are protected from unexpected financial losses. Below are the important details and types of insurance coverage one must consider while investing their money in a policy.

What is Insurance Coverage?

Insurance coverage is a financial protection policy that covers financial liabilities for policyholders. The coverage indicates the conditions and contingencies for which the policyholder is protected. The policyholder needs to pay a ‘premium’ to the insurer, and in return, the insurer will provide insurance cover. Premium payment is the central aspect that determines the insurance coverage the policyholder will receive. To understand insurance coverage better, below are a few salient features of the same:

  • An insurance policy helps the policyholder hedge against unexpected financial losses. It acts like a risk management plan that allows the policyholder to remain financially stable during a financial loss. 

  • One must know that insurance coverage does not mitigate the magnitude of loss. All it does is reduce the magnitude of loss by distributing it among multiple people. 

  • In an insurance policy, different people pay different insurance premiums. When one suffers an unexpected financial loss, they can claim a sum of money corresponding to the premium paid to cover it.

  • Depending on the type of insurance coverage the individual takes, he/she will be provided with a percentage of the required money. Some common types of insurance coverage one can choose are for medical expenses, property loss or damage, vehicle damage or loss, etc. 

  • The main components of the insurance coverage policy include policy limit, premium, and deductible. Every policy buyer should thoroughly review the insurance policy before choosing the right insurance plan

What Are The Different Types Of Insurance Coverage?

Insurance coverage can be divided into different types. These include:

1. Life Insurance 

Life insurance is the most important one among all the different insurance types. As the name signifies, life insurance is the insurance of one's life. This type of insurance will help dependents to remain financially stable and secure in case of the unexpected demise of the policyholder. This type of insurance coverage is apt for people who are the sole earner in their families.

2. Health Insurance

This type of insurance cover is suitable for people who want to cover their medical costs. Different types of health insurance are used to cover various ailments and diseases. Depending on the diseases indicated on the policies, the policyholder can choose to invest their money wisely into a policy suitable for their needs. They can either go for generic health insurance or choose insurance that covers the ailment or disease they're suffering from. The premium, in this case, will cover hospitalisation, medication costs, and treatment.

3. Car Insurance

In today's fast-paced era, keeping one's car safe and protected from untoward incidents is vital. The best way to protect your vehicle is by opting for a car insurance coverage plan. The policy will cover damage from accidents or natural calamities like earthquakes or floods. However, one should thoroughly analyse the policy conditions before deciding which one to choose.

4. Education Insurance 

Education insurance is no less than life insurance as it is a savings tool for a child's future. In this insurance coverage type, the policyholder must deposit money until the child turns 18. Once they reach this age, the child can access the amount to fund their higher education.

5. Home Insurance 

Home insurance is another type of insurance coverage that keeps one's home protected from unforeseen damages. This insurance protects the home from accidents like fire as well as from natural calamities like earthquakes or lightning. Having a valuable insurance policy at one's disposal will ensure that one is ready to face the challenges that life throws at them.

Homeowners often know that home insurance does not cover flood damage; however, an interesting fact about the insurance coverage is that it helps one to protect oneself from volcano and meteor damage.

What Are The Benefits Of Insurance Coverage?

There are plenty of benefits of insurance coverage, both primary and secondary. Below is the list of some of the benefits that insurance coverage offers to people:

1. Extra Protection

One of the most common benefits of an insurance policy is that it helps the policyholder to reduce the impact of loss one has to suffer. Having any insurance coverage type will help the policyholder or their dependents to insure themselves from financial woes.

2. Certainty

Per the insurance coverage rules, one has to pay a certain amount oftheir income as a premium. This money will help him or the dependents in times of financial crises, accidents, hazards, or vulnerabilities.

3. Risk Sharing 

As already stated, insurance coverage involves a lot of risk-exposed people. This means the risk gets shared between all the policyholders. Whenever a policyholder undergoes a serious accident or is subjected to an unforeseen financial loss, a pool of the premiums paid by other policyholders is drawn from to offer financial assistance to the affected policyholder.

An insurance policy—for instance, a health insurance plan for your family—will not only keep the family financially secure and stable but will also ensure that your dependents remain protected in case something untoward happens to you.

The Bottom Line

Remember, all policies come with their terms and conditions. To safeguard oneself from surprises, choosing the right insurance provider is crucial. Having complete knowledge of one's finances is important. The best way to analyse what one owns and owes is by using Recipe by Finology. The tool helps people to analyse their monetary standings and make them financially stable.

We hope you've enjoyed the article. Drop your comments below and let us know what you loved, or wish to add.

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