Is our Future all about Decentraland?

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​​​It’s 2060. Wondering where the 90s peeps are? Well, let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen; they are at the Metaverse enjoying life in whichever avatar or age they wish to be! (No kidding!) 

Do you know, back in history, the word Metaverse was coined in a Fiction novel, and today, it has become a reality. 

Metaverse, as Zuck described in 2020, was supposed to be “An embodied internet that you're inside of rather than just looking at.” –and it’s exactly like this.

Doesn’t it feel nice when merely listening to music on your headphones transforms you into a different imaginary land? What if a headset could transform you into a virtual space that looks just like your home? Unlike the VR sets you might have played games on, this time, ‘you are inside of it rather than just looking at it.’ parts of your home are created virtually and everything’s placed the right way! 

You get to decide when you want to be with other people or when you want to block someone from appearing in your space, or even when you want to take a break. 

You can bring up things from the physical world to the Metaverse like photos, videos, art, music, games, everything. (*whispers* you can even buy more stuff for your Metaverse home.)

Saturday night party? All your friends from different parts of the world can be there within a minute; all in their avatars! 

(Are you guys also as excited as I am while writing this?🀩)

Oops! It’s Monday again! πŸ˜–

Guess what? Work-from-home meets Metaverse = You enjoy the comfort of your home while virtually being at the office! You walk past your colleagues, they see you, you see them; you can even shake hands! 🀯 Your entire office setup surrounds you and you can work more efficiently!

Really weird to think, but the way we travel to different cities today in trains or airplanes would sound like olden tales that our grandmothers tell about having to travel in bullock carts.

Because believe me, Metaverse kicks off the need to actually travel to any place! (Finally, something to compete with Doraemon’s Anywhere Door.πŸ˜‰)

All you do is grab those headsets and enter the Metaverse!

Isn’t it great? 🀩 

Does it already exist?

Let me break it to you, my friend; this is how we are going to spend most of our lives in the future. and that’s not it. What’s amazing is, it has already started, and Metaverse actually exists! 

“How?” Well, it exists as a place where you can buy & sell land, build your own estate, go shopping in the plaza, hang out with friends, sit in the park, go to the museum or some kind of art gallery, work on the weekdays, enjoy the weekends and whatnot!

Hold on!!!! All of this sounds like what you normally do, right? But no, you do all of this but only in *πŸ₯πŸ₯* Virtual Reality!

Yes, The Original Gangster of Meta Verse, giving us all the VR FOMO already exists and it’s called, DECENTRALAND- a virtual world that’s owned by its users.

Decentraland is a 3D virtual world where people can buy plots of land using cryptocurrencies & NFTs, namely MANA & LAND. 

In that plot, they can build anything they imagine; from forests to personal spaces to cafes to casinos. 

Everything in Decentraland is virtual, and all you need physically is a processor, video card, metamask wallet extension and bam! You are all set to make it to Decentraland, where an Avatar, your new digital identity, will be waiting for you. 

Decentraland Avatar

Explore Decentraland

As we discussed in that plot of land the owners can build anything they want. And they have built infrastructures like casinos, clubs, gaming zones and more. 

The most popular places to visit in Decentraland are: 

Genesis Plaza

The space that welcomes users to the Metaverse is the Genesis Plaza. It brings all the information regarding game modes, events & more right to the centre. 

Game zones

There are several game zones in Decentraland, such as mini-golf in the Golfcraft island or Wondermine crafting game which lets players mine meteors in exchange for gems. 


Sotheby’s is a virtual gallery in Decentraland, this art gallery is a replica of sotheby’s iconic New Bond Street galleries in London.

The whole new Economy and our Future?

We wouldn’t call Decentraland just a gaming platform or something that people are doing for fun. But it’s actually a full-fledged economy. People not only invest their time but also their currency. It’s said that “it’s the riskiest investment in the world.” Yet, it’s an investment many are interested in. 

Its first city was made up of 90,000 parcels of land of 10x10 meters, and at its auction, people paid more than $28 Million for plots, which was the largest ever sale of virtual land. 🀯 

Roughly 40% of land available in the Decentraland has already been purchased, and there are many reasons why people are spending thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency on ‘virtual’ land. 

In a way, it’s an investment for some, and for others, it’s building infrastructure as a chance to earn profit. 

The reason for their investment could be that the buyers are expecting to sell off their land at a very inflated price in future. πŸ€‘

This is a statement taken a few years ago by Esteban Ordano, Founder of Decentraland- “Right now we’ve got an economy of around a couple of tens of millions of dollars and we hope to expand that to billions at least”. A lot of investors including him, are vouching for it. 

Are you also thinking about how these people earn profits from the infrastructure they are building there? (I had the same question! And now, I’ve got the answer.) 

What a lot of people are doing is, they are buying a plot of land virtually and advertising their real-world businesses there through hoarding for promotion. How savvy, right! 

Also as anyone can build anything over there, people have built casinos too, where others play in the exchange for Mana (a cryptocurrency). This way, the builder/owner of the casinos also get profited. 

You must know that in a casino a dealer is required but do you know who the dealer in the casinos of Decentraland is? An actual avatar! 🀯 He does that job and gets paid as normal people do in the real world. 

Yes, you heard it right!! There are actual jobs available in Decentraland. 

And it is more likely that within a few years we are gonna finds jobs in the field of research, planning, development (software & hardware), Managers and so on.  

In fact, The Metaverse research scientists would develop basic digital models & something where an entire world would be visible. 

The Metaverse planners will build business models & plans. 

Likewise, the Metaverse developers will build an entire ecosystem.

Are we ready for it?

If more & more people start working in Metaverse that economy will start to flourish. but why would anyone want to leave the real world and dive into a whole new world? Well, there are a few reasons, 

No Commute at all: You don't have to spend a lot of time travelling from one place to another you will save a lot of time. 

You can be anyone: Metaverse is designed to kill one basic human emotion, insecurity about yourselves. You know you can't be perfect but your Avatar can be. You can adopt any trait or personality and be the way you want to be. You are a random person who doesn't have to reveal their personality.

Technical advancement like never before: What if we never die, or see the future or read the human brain. don't know about the first two yet but reading the brain, yes. Facebook is already working on mind-reading wristband technology to translate motor signals from the brain, allowing users to navigate through augmented reality. 

A different and all-new economy is ready for us with all the jobs, a new kind of currency in circulation, no government to control, a wide scope of technological advancement and it is just getting started. But are we ready for it? 

To learn more about what could happen next with Metaverse, you must read: Is Metaverse bringing the End of Humanity


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