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Here's a list to "motivate" you for your next Monday, just in case you feel like beginning your "hustle"... again. This will be your what? 25th "new" business idea?

As urbanisation is increasing every day, people are learning more and more about becoming independent than doing a corporate job. And doing a business is the best way to get independent and work for individual causes rather than for someone else. It gives the individual a chance to work on their growth rather than making an already rich person even richer.

As Steve Jobs said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”. Working on individual growth always pays off, even though it requires taking a bit of risk at the start. Time and tide wait for no one. If an idea is struck, implement it today, or someone else will, and the opportunity will be forever lost along with a possible bright future. 

The top 10 business in India for beginners is mentioned here. Go through it and let the creativity strike.

10 Best Businesses in India for Startups

A business is all about dedication and patience. But it all starts with the planning phase, where the entrepreneur has to decide which niche is suitable for them, which is certainly not the easiest part. 

So many individuals often get stuck at the point where they know that they want to do business and have all the dedication it will require but don’t know what business they should do. For the individuals going through this phase, we have listed below the top 10 businesses in India for beginners -

  • Customer Service Point (CSP)

Customer service points are also called mini banks, where the banking services are given to the patrons through non-banking individuals. CSPs are licensed under SBI or any other valid bank and have limited facilities that they offer to the customers in their locality. This way, the locals don’t have to go to the bank for the primary banking services.

To open a CSP, one of the minimum requirements that one should meet is a minimum age of 18 years, a computer with an internet connection, literacy in computers, at least a 100 square feet room, a printer, and a fingerprint scanner. If an individual has all of this, then they can go to the nearest branch of the bank and enrol themselves as a CSP provider.

  • Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most promising future business ideas in India. It is an online marketing that conjures up various fields like affiliate marketing, content marketing, video marketing, search engine optimisation, website marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.

It also doesn’t require a physical setup, and the entrepreneur can start the business online by making their website. The flexibility and the promise of high returns make this business one of the best small business ideas in India. 

  • Private Tutoring

If an individual likes explaining things or has experience as a tutor, then private tutoring is a great business idea. People these days like to hire a private tutor for their kids as they want someone to give undivided attention to their kids and help them out with study materials.

By giving only one hour of the day, an individual can earn a substantial amount of money in a month. Individuals also have the option to conduct private tutoring sessions online, which makes it all the more flexible.

  • Stationery Item Supplier

Individuals will need a few prerequisites and lowkey initial investment to start this business, but it also promises a good future and high returns after being substantially established. 

The services that the business will provide are simple. Individuals will buy the stationery item from a local dealer and then supply it to the offices where it is required. For this, a good rapport with the dealers and the various offices or consumers is required. So, for those who think that the requirements fit best with them, it is one of the best small business ideas in India.

  • Blogging

Creative ideas are something that will never disappoint you. And if the creativity often strikes an individual, then they should not miss them and put it out for the world to see. One such way to do that is blogging.

Blogging is nothing but publishing original content, photography, and other media on the internet. Although it started as a way for people to publish their journal and diary entries, it has become a growing business that gives even millions in returns. To start blogging, an individual just needs to have their website and the knowledge of google analytics. 

Writers Opinion

I believe that blogging is best for those who have a habit of writing daily and are willing to learn. Blogging is not just simply writing, it also requires a good understanding of the subject and a flair for writing too. To earn through it, one also needs to learn about Google algorithms and SEO optimisation.

  • Mushroom Farming

When talking about the best business in India, mushroom farming is one such idea. It is a low-cost and high-profit business as mushrooms don’t require a large field of land to cultivate and grow independent of sunlight. Even the soil is not a concern for mushroom farming. They can grow on any soil, regardless of its fertility.

All an individual needs to do to start a mushroom business is create a mushroom house, disinfect it, purchase some spawns, spawn, compost, and then market. With just a few steps, the individual will be able to set the business and get it running.

Egyptians used to refer to mushrooms as the plant of immortality.
  • Food Delivery Business

The growing rush in the metropolitan cities has made the food delivery business one of the best small business ideas in India. 

All the individual will have to do is tie up with restaurants and deliver food to the offices, lodges, and PGs to the people staying single or with a family. It requires little to no investment and gives high returns.

  • Real Estate Agency

With the growing need of people for a place to stay or have a place of their own, the real estate market has grown in leaps and bounds. There are several different roles present in the real estate market. One can choose the one that fits them best and become your boss. It gives some of the highest returns in India.

  • Wedding Planner

If creativity is best suited for an individual, then becoming a wedding planner is a good option. People nowadays don’t want to have the same old boring weddings. They want something different and unique at their weddings and are ready to pay any amount. 

So individuals having good skills in planning and executing can always go for this business option.

  • Pet-care Service

Pets are the life of a household, and the owners want the best care for them while they are away. So for the individuals who have a good way with pets, pet-care service is the most profitable business idea that they can try. It takes very little investment, making it all the better.


Having a business makes an individual independent and also gives high returns if executed properly. There are a lot of business ideas available for the people willing to dedicate and stay consistent. The top 10 business in India among the various possible ideas is mentioned in this article. Individuals can go through all of them and then select the one they think will fit their skills and investment category. 

If this piece has helped you in selecting a business niche of your choice, then don’t forget to comment and also share the article with others.

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