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Hypershorts- Zee's Alternative to TikTok

Created on 22 Feb 2020

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Updated on 12 Sep 2022

Tik Tok and Zee Business in a fighting Competition

More than 14 percent people in the world are killing time. Well, that’s not a very serious problem, you would say. But, the problem is that a Chinese app is being used to kill time on the name of entertainment, which is reportedly collecting and misusing people’s data.

And, guess what… the app’s biggest market is India! Look at the irony, Indians complaining about rising unemployment while spending huge amount of time on TikTok.

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India has a clocked a record 200 million downloads of the app and still counting (which is close to 30% of all downloads). Now, what’s next? Another app is entering the market looking at TikTok’s grand success. So, the latest news is that Zee5 is coming up with ‘Hypershorts’ to take on TikTok heads on.

The Paradigm Shift

There was once a time when people preferred to be larger than life. Now the scenario is changing completely. The smaller the better is what the world is settling with. So, it’s not just electronic gadgets that are getting smaller. Even the attention spans have become shorter. India is no different and is following course.

That’s the reason why TikTok became such a huge hit in India. Although, the app is supposed to be flayed at times due to its disability to establish control over the posted content. To be specific, TikTok was indirectly promoting pornography besides collecting data of the users. And, now we’re getting Hypershorts that would compete with TikTok.

Zee’s Master Plan

Just being successful is not enough in today’s competitive world. If you’re successful, you should think of expanding instead of settling down with what you’ve got. And that’s exactly what Zee Media corporation is trying to do with Zee5 enterprising into shorter video format content curation.

Zee5 is already providing video content in longer format to the audiences and is definitely being liked by them. Now, by providing shorter format video content with Hypershorts it plans to become a one stop-shop for its audiences. Hypershorts would feature 90-second user generated videos to compete with the already established Chinese giant ByteDance (TikTok).

A Bird’s Eye View

It’s always better to have a look at the bigger picture in order to better understand the scenario. So, here’s how the overview of digital video content streaming space looks like. Inception of Hypershorts has been announced at a time when Disney is coming up with Disney+ in collaboration with Hotstar. Netflix and Amazon Prime are already doing well with exhibition of new content regularly. And meanwhile, how could we forget YouTube?

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Video content has been doing wonders in terms of attracting the viewers. Last few years have been a witness to growth of video streaming platforms. However, this comes with a pinch of salt. These platforms have attracted audiences through uncensored content. And, about TikTok it’s even worse. The positive thing about Hypershorts is that it is owned by an Indian company. But, will it be able to keep a check on distribution of explicit content? That’s something which should be thought upon.

Hope you liked this information. Comment below with your opinions/suggestions.

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