Dirty Startup Secrets

Created on 06 Sep 2022

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Updated on 15 Sep 2022

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In a nation where the paradigm of ‘good jobs’ starts and stops with MNCs and unemployment starts with the mere thought of working in one, the startup ecosystem emerged as a mighty saviour with over 6,00,000 jobs.

Combine it with facets such as a comforting office culture and the freedom to innovate and explore options, and we have a new favourite in the Indian Economy!

Figuratively, “chaos & losses is what defines a startup.” And if we talk figures, it’s the valuation and funding that truly define it– this, the Indian startups have plenty. You talk clean streets, India’s lagging behind, but you talk startups, uff, koi toh rok lo! I mean, if Teja had pitched this idea in this era, his version of “Bajaj, Hamara, Bajaj” would have been a thriving startup too! 

You are missing out on so much.

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