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Every investor or beginner wants to invest in mutual funds but does not have the necessary prior knowledge which can act as a guidebook for them. This is why stockbrokers exist, who are there to help an investor with all their queries and also help them prepare a portfolio.

However, many investors don't wish to invest the majority of their earnings to a broker for mutual funds or any other form of investment in the market. 

Apart from this, there is also the heavy paperwork that comes with any investment plan; the paperwork which consists of the summary of one's every past and present investment.

So, how can a person who doesn't know much about investing and isn't willing to go to a broker get through with investing in mutual funds? Or, how can a person who doesn't want to get involved in any heavy paperwork invest in mutual funds

Well, there are certain popular mobile trading apps that help you avail of all these services and facilities in one place, according to your preference. Let's walk through them one by one:

Mutual Fund Investment Apps 

Here are some apps, which can help one to invest in mutual funds. These apps provide you with all the information and updates about any mutual funds you wish to invest in.


The Groww app is a medium to invest in mutual funds of different companies through an online platform, without any brokerage cost. One can purchase and sell their mutual funds anytime with just one tap on the mobile phone screen. This app can also keep an eye on previous mutual funds, which one must have invested in through other online platforms. 

But what makes it a more popular app than other mutual funds apps?

Well, the Groww app provides you with all the information about various mutual funds schemes and shows the expected return ratios you will get after the mutual funds period. 

The app also lists down the pros and cons of different mutual funds and also helps you to find the best mutual fund schemes according to your preferences. It also enables you to track your mutual funds within the app.

If an investor is getting higher returns in other schemes and wishes to switch his financial resources from one scheme to another, it can be possible through the Groww App. The Systematic Transfer Plan of the app allows the investor to switch funds to gain a higher return.

Zerodha Coin

Zerodha Coin provides an online platform that works as a broker for investors with a discount. Zerodha coin helps you to invest in mutual funds, and it can be held in a single Demat account from which you can sell and buy mutual funds without paying any commission. 

Investors can get the statements of all their investments in one place and can modify their SIP whenever they want with the help of this app. All the services to the investors will be provided online without having to pay any commissions.


Paytm's stock trading app Paytmmoney stands out from other apps because it has the National Pension Scheme (NPS), which means that one can invest their money now and get a pension after their retirement. This app also helps you save your tax up to 50,000. 

You can also invest in mutual funds and the stock markets through this app. The entire process is paperless, which means that you have to upload your information on their online app, and if the documents are correct, then you will get an approval within 24 hours. You can also track your investments within the app.

My Cams

This app is mainly focused on mutual fund investors who have some expertise in the investment area. In this app, once you complete your process of registration, you can see all of your old investments in one place. 

You do not need to check your investments on different platforms, and you get every update related to your mutual funds on a single platform. 

This whole process is paperless, and you do not need to pay any commission to the broker. You can sell and buy mutual funds whenever you want to. 

Zero Brokerage Apps

*Terms and conditions apply

As an investor, if you want to buy and sell your mutual funds, stocks, commodities, currencies, IPO, and equity with a lower brokerage cost or no cost at all, following are some of the apps with lower brokerage cost or no brokerage cost at all:


Zerodha is the most popular app in India, and what makes it popular is that there is a Zero brokerage fee for investors to invest in commodities, currencies, equity, IPO, and direct mutual funds

Its innovation in sync to investor's needs makes it more trustworthy and reliable. It charges zero brokerage fees for the delivery of mutual funds and equity and also offers zero commission for the direct mutual funds, or the maximum brokerage fee is 20 rupees in this app. 

The main highlight of this app is that it can be used by any investor, be it a beginner or an expert trader.


5 paisa provides trading in the commodity, currencies, equity, and mutual funds at BSE and NSE. In this app, you will be charged the lowest brokerage cost of 20 rupees irrespective of the size of your trade or exchange. 

This app also provides you with prepaid plans for your investment that include; the optimum plan, platinum plan, and titanium plan. In these plans, customers have to pay a minimal amount of money for an additional fixed monthly fee.


Upstox is a popular discount broker which provides its services at a cheaper price, and its platforms are curated in relation to every sort of client. 

It's the NEST platform for enterprises and also the net and app for individual customers. The platforms are versatile and platform moveable. 

It is popular due to its easy and free account opening procedure, and a flat trading cost of ₹20. It also takes a flat brokerage fee of Rs. 20 and zero brokerage fee for the equity delivery, and it also provides you with the marginal facility for the options and futures trades. 

This supports the shoppers as they'll trade from anyplace. The app is therefore simple in a way that it provides commercialism options similar to a web-based portal. 

Upstox conjointly provides an open-end investment company platform. The open-end investment company Platform "Upstox MF" will be accessed exploitation an equivalent Demat account as stocks. It opens varieties for all forms of funds. The investors have a choice to invest in a lump sum or as SIP.

Are you a new investor?

As a new investor or a beginner, do you wish to invest your money but do not know how or where to invest it? You can always research the market and figure out how but you know it will be very hectic to research the whole market and will consume a lot of time.

Then what would be the option? Where would you get all the information about the market and the companies in which you wish to invest your money?

Well, there is a platform which will act as a one-stop solution for all market-related information with the intricate financial details of any listed company. We are talking about one of the best stock screeners in the country - Ticker by Finology. 

Ticker: Best Stock Screener

The Ticker is an online stock screener that provides investors with the necessary analysis of listed companies on the stock market at BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE(National Stock Exchange). 

Ticker presents the company's analysis and research in a manner that can be easily understandable by the investor and helps them invest according to their preferences while saving their time as well.

Advantages of using the Ticker tool

  • User Interface (UI) tells a lot about the application, and the Ticker UI is compatible for everyone, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert.
  • Before investing money, investors can look for the particular company they are interested in on Ticker with just a tap, where they can easily access understandable annual reports and updates regarding that company.
  • Ticker provides ad-free services to its users so that all distracting cues are eliminated from the environment while the viewer is trying to perform the online stock analysis of a company (as ads are a common occurrence in other apps)
  • The hectic task of researching accurate information becomes an easy trap that viewers fall into and thus end up making wrong choices. However, on Ticker, investors do not need to worry about false information as all the information provided is 100% accurate.
  • For investors, it becomes very difficult to track their investment on different platforms and takes quite a while to get all the updates, but on Ticker, investors can track their portfolio and make a watchlist of their investment in one place and get all the updates of their investments.

What makes Ticker stand out?

  • Within Ticker, there is a rating system called Finstar, which lists companies according to their performances. This becomes a handy tool for investors to compare companies and make a well-informed choice.
  • On Ticker, a company's shareholding patterns with the pledging percentage are visible. This helps the investors to gain better insight regarding the company, and they can avoid investing in companies that have more than 50% pledging to avoid any unnecessary risk surrounding their investments. 
  • It also provides a list of the strengths and limitations of any company in which investors wish to invest.
  • Further, Ticker provides ratios of different sectors like Banks, Finance, and others, which helps them invest their money according to their preferences.
  • Retail investors can get customized bundles of companies on Ticker that helps them to start with a reasonable amount of money rather than invest their money blindly.
  • Ticker provides the annual report, credit report, quarterly presentations, and research report of various brokers which provide accurate information about the company to the investors so they can invest their money wisely.

Who can use Ticker?

The Ticker stock screener can be used by anyone, be it experts or beginners who wish to invest in the stock market and do not have any prior knowledge or expertise. 

Ticker becomes the researcher and analyzer for a beginner or a guideline that helps the experts.

For students, Ticker can be a learning opportunity since it would enhance their knowledge and skills within this field and help them understand the practical application in the stock market analysis through applying valuation techniques, learning new accounting and also, through the hand on projects based on the real-world data which would enhance their knowledge about investing in the stock market.

Ticker plus is a good option for those students who wish to further enhance their skills in this field. Here are some advantages of the Ticker plus:

Ticker Plus

In Ticker plus, students can learn about the valuation techniques in detail with concepts like Discount cash flow, multiple approaches of EPS(Earning Per Share), 5 Stages of ROE(Return On Equity) with DuPont analysis, which is a great method to decompose the different drivers of ROE, and common size statement analysis. 

Within Ticker plus, learners will get an upgrade in managing their portfolio with a style box and get a watchlist of their stocks.

The Bottom Line

To know one's way around technical, financial tools will always come in handy to figure out the stock market. This is because of the fast-paced analysis and time-saving characteristics these tools possess. 

All in all, to get a thorough and detailed analysis for figuring out which mutual funds to invest in, it becomes important to know which application fits one's preference and comfortability the best.

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