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What is a consolidated mutual fund statement?

Created on 03 Mar 2022

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Updated on 27 Aug 2022

Mutual funds are great. It helps you invest in a number of companies at once, it is professionally managed and is less risky than investing in direct equities. It's also a great option if you are looking for diversification.

*All praise Mutual Funds* 🤘🤘

But have you ever wondered if you invest in a number of different mutual funds how can you get its consolidated information in one place? 

Today, we have handcrafted for you the answer to the above question. You can find that information with the help of Consolidated mutual fund statements. So, let's understand what are they and how to generate them and use them in our best interest. 

Consolidated mutual fund statement

As a matter of fact, most investors tend to invest in more than one mutual fund. Not only do they invest in different funds but also sometimes invest through different AMC’s or maybe through the same AMC

AMC or asset management companies are money management firms that manage mutual funds. Some popular AMC’s in India are SBI Mutual Fund, HDFC Mutual Fund, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund, Reliance Mutual Fund etc.  

It's simple if an investor invests in different mutual funds through one AMC because these AMC’s provide a specific folio number to each client and this folio number is used for future investment redemption, generation of statements etc. 

Things become difficult when an investor invests in different mutual funds through different AMCs. In that case, an investor will get different folio numbers. Eg. If you are invested in 10 different mutual funds through 10 different AMC you will have 10 folio numbers. 

The tricky part is when you try to generate a statement in this case you will get 10 different statements. 

This is where Consolidated Mutual Fund Statement comes into play. It is a statement showing the details of all the mutual funds an investor has across different AMCs. The consolidated statement lists all the transactions made by an investor in a specified period along with details such as NAV, Market value etc in one place.

This facility is provided by mutual fund registrars. The 2 most popular registrars in India are:

  • KFintech

  • CAMS

These registrars have come together to give a consolidated view of mutual fund holdings through e-CAS or electronic Consolidated Account Statement. Seems like a one-step solution!!!

Let’s understand how you can generate the Consolidated Account Statement in the next section.

How to generate a Consolidated Mutual Fund Statement?

Generating CAS is simple. It is compulsory that your email id and PAN be registered with the registrars namely, KFintech, CAMS. All the funds in which your email address is registered will be included in the statement which you get in your email in PDF format.

Thus, CAS captures all the mutual fund transactions like purchases, redemption, dividend payout etc done by an investor during a month. 

CAS also records transactions related to different securities such as shares/stocks held in Demat accounts. Since CAS is generated for PAN holders and PAN is unique for everyone it records all the financial transactions associated with that PAN. 

Now, let's get started with the process of generating CAS. We have tried to explain this process in different steps. 

Step1: Search for CAMS in your browser. You will find the CAMS website, 

Step2: After going through the website, you will find different service options such as Services for Business, Services for Distributors and Services for Investors. You have to click on Services for investors.

Step3: Look for the Statements section and click on CAS-CAMS+KFintech. You will get to see a statement like this 👇

After filling in all the details and generating a password you have to click on Submit. 

Step4: After clicking on submit, your request gets confirmed and you will be notified that your statement will reach your registered email id. Then after this you have to check your email and open CAMS mail. And then open the PDF attachment. 

It will ask for a password then enter the same password you generated(step3) before submitting the form. Once you enter the password and click on OK. Your statement will open. 
Simple process right? But why do you need this statement and what are the advantages of it? You will get to see it in the next section. 

How is Consolidated Mutual Fund Statement important?

With the help of CAS investors are updated about their mutual fund holdings regularly in one single document and this is far better than going after 10 different statements. 
Thus, in a nutshell, we can pull out some of the advantages of CAS as listed below.  

It is a charge-free service
You can calculate your tax liability
It is a one-stop for all the information.
You will be able to carry out a consolidated comparison


Isn't it great to get all your important information in one place? We think it's great too! 

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