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Created on 16 May 2023

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After paying for immediate expenses such as groceries, bills, debts, and recreational payments, we save a small percent of our salary, with difficulty, every month. This amount, say 10% of your monthly salary, can be increased by practising smart investing. Investment in stocks falls in the high-risk, high-return category. Finding the right stock at the right time includes various factors, such as the stock’s market value, financial ratios, financial statements, and many more.

To make things easier for investors and traders alike, there are numerous stock analysing tools present in the market. One such tool which is quite popular among investors is 

Created by two brothers in 2009, named Ayush and Pratyush Mittal, excels in providing extensive information regarding stocks from listed Indian companies. Today, we would be analysing’s platform and bringing an impartial review for you to consider while choosing it.

What is is a stock analysis tool that allows you to create your own customized screening criteria and get a list of stocks that meet that criteria. Designed to provide a variety of information such as financial ratios, annual statements, balance sheets, cash flow, investor information, and more, brings accurate data for the users. With a moderate and no-nonsense website, works efficiently in indulging both new and established investors. 

Once you enter the website, you will find a search bar to look through the companies you wish to know about. After choosing a company listed on the Stock Exchange in India, you will be directed to a new page with the above-mentioned information regarding the company. You can even know about the key points of the company with notable details like Revenue Breakup, Products & Services, and more., with its well-defined charts for PE Ratio, EBITDA, Sales & Margin, and more, as well as downloadable annual reports (standalone and consolidated), amounts to a good research platform. Features has two subscription plans, Basic, and Premium. Here's a breakdown of both these plans:

Basic Plan

The basic plan is more suitable for beginners as well as hobby investors who wish to begin their investing journey. The Basic Plan is free of costs and thus comes with certain limitations on features like the selection of investors or the number of listed companies (stocks) one can follow. Let’s see what tools’s basic plan contains:

1. Stock Screening: Screens of varying proportions are available at investors' leisure to go through and compare stocks of their choice. One may select a screen based on popular books like Piotroski Scan or screens based on price or volume, such as Darvan Scan. There is also the option available to create your own screen, giving users leeway to go about their investing journey in their preferred style.

2. Feed (Watchlist): The watchlist feature, aka feed, at is the first thing a user comes across while visiting the website. Unique for every investor, the feed contains a listing of all the stock companies one has searched for. Feed also gives direct access to announcements, quarterly results, exchange filings, and many more features. 

3. Tools: A tool that allows users to create a stock screen, this section gives power to the creative style of investors. Whether you are looking for a stock based on market capitalization or ROCE for a certain ratio, you can get the answer by typing a search query. Based on your query, the stock screen would generate a list of all the companies matching the set criteria. By using the tools present on’s website, users can initiate their investing journey with ample information.

Next comes the Premium Plan.

Premium Plan

The premium plan, designated for active investors, comes at an annual price of ₹4,999. So, if you have gained traction in the investing sector and wish to get serious with the prospect, then it is ideal for you.

This upgradation to the premium contains tools that give exclusive tools and features for the subscribers, such as:

  • Exporting/importing trade data;
  • Searching shareholders and accessing the latest announcements;
  • Custom support for queries regarding features, tools, analysing charts, etc. Pros

The interface is very user-friendly making it easy to operate. The platform has a clean layout with no unnecessary clutter, which makes the tedious task of finding information unchallenging. provides a lot of data that can be used for your stock analysis. The graphical representation, ratios, and statements present help investors create a picture of what the company is all about. 

The latest announcements feature gives daily updates on the companies that are included in a user’s feed. Thus, screening companies based on ongoing activities, like their quarterly report or shareholding patterns, gets easier. As a stock’s value highly depends upon the current affairs of the company, these kinds of data will help an investor make wise decisions and track their portfolio. 

The support services available on include a help centre and customer service email address. This is a responsive guide for times when you need assistance with any questions or issues that arise during your website usage. Cons

Although the customer support services at are good, they are only accessible to premium subscribers. So, a beginner in platform won’t be able to find assistance in case of any analysis-related queries. 

Various tools like searching shareholders and the latest announcements are part of the premium package. This means that to be in the loop of updates for the companies one is interested in, a subscription would be compulsory.

Don’t worry! To help find a way out of these shortcomings, we have a better product for you. Just one scroll and find your stock analysis Nirvana! ⬇️

Ticker: A Great Alternative for Stock Analysis

Reputed for being “Investing ka Search Engine” Ticker has risen as a great stock analysis tool in the finance market. With a good 35,000 users in a day, Ticker contains tools like Screener, IPO announcements, Bundles, sectors, peer comparison, and many more. Through this platform, investors, beginners and active alike, come one more step close to choosing the right stocks.

Along with all the financial ratios and annual statements, graphical representations and screeners, Ticker also helps new investors become a master in the investing sector. Along with the usual features that many similar platforms contain in segments, Ticker also helps investors by finding their investing groove!

Ticker Premier League (TPL) helped more than 50,000 investors gain practice on how to earn good returns without spending a single penny. Thus, Ticker provides investors with everything at once place regarding entering and thriving in the stock market. By upgrading to Ticker Plus, you can get premium tools and features to enhance your stock analysing experience to another level:

1. Valuation Techniques: A person becomes a smart investor by utilising the valuation techniques present at Ticker Plus. DuPont Analysis, Discounted Cash Flow, Book value analysis and more becomes accessible to all subscribers, helping in finding the true value of a stock.

2. Premium Bundles: Assisting you with the strategic planning of investing, Ticker Plus has premium bundles. Based on different parameters, find the right pool of stocks and set on your investment journey.

3. Other Features: Ticker Plus also comes with Smart portfolio where you can add up to 50 stocks. You can also add up to 100 companies to your watchlist, and access to Common size statements of the companies makes subscribing to Ticker Plus a sweet deal!

The Bottom Line

The stock analysis tool,, is a great tool. It's easy to use and comes with plenty of filters & options so that one can start analysing stocks based on only the name of their favourite company or industry/sector they know.

But the limitations in their basic plan, which is the free plan, constrain the analysis for stocks. The free plan available to all allows one to observe only two popular investors' portfolios, whereas, in Ticker, more than 50 Super Investor portfolios are accessible to all, free of cost. The customer support team at Ticker has great reviews in terms of problem-solving ability.

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