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Stocks that Doubled in last 6 months!

Created on 12 Mar 2021

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All of us are getting the same nightmare over and over again. It's nothing but the way the markets reacted to Covid. But none can deny the fact that every cloud has a silver lining. And the market has been a quintessential example of this idiom lately. 

Despite the immense trauma the market has given us in the last few months, certain stocks were, for sure, a silver lining. These stocks came in as a ray of hope amidst the darkness. 

In fact, these famous 5 stocks not only saved the day for many investors and speculators but also gave over a 100% return in just a matter of a last 6 months. Eh, thrilled? Then, why not know more about it? 

Five game-changer stocks

The stock market experienced wild swings throughout the finale of 2020. However, those who stayed invested, irrespective of the good and the bad, must be happy to taste the fruits of their patience. Amidst a whole lot of tantrum, the top 5 stocks which brought home some attractive returns are discussed below - 

Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited

Accompanied by a strong rating from many of the agencies out there, this share saw a spectacular growth from a September low of 353 to the current 752. This is a tremendous increase of 113% approximately. 

Having said that, a recent announcement by Windy Lakeside Investment Ltd, which is a part of Warburg Picus, to invest 800 crores with a view to acquire 0.49% stake in it, was quick to help the stock rise. While the pandemic took the world by a storm, the promoters of Adani ports and special economic zone ltd. chose to make some money out of it. These three acquisitions amounting to 14,659 crores quickly caught investors' attention. And in no time, it had become everyone's favourite bid. 

Source: Ticker

Tata Motors

Tata motors is one such stock that showed a great jump and multiplied about 5 times in less than a year's time. It proved to be a life-saver jacket for many. It gained about 130 per cent to around Rs. 339 from the September low of just Rs. 147. Some of the good signs which major investors noticed about the stock were the company's keen focus on moving quickly towards electrification.

Further, the effort to launch new products and increase the production of already existing models appeared to be a good signal. This enticed a lot of investors to purchase the stock. Even big market sharks like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala embraced the stock amidst the pandemic. 

As Covid worsened, many of us were constrained from being a part of large gatherings etc. In such a scenario, taking public vehicles was the last option one would resort to. Taking this, along with other variables into consideration, its standalone revenue has grown about 35% when compared to that of the previous year. All these brownie points happened to be a green signal, prompting many to go long on Tata motors. 

Adani Green Energy Limited

Next in line is one of the stocks from the Adani groups. Out of six of the company's stocks that are listed in the stock market, three seemed to have made significant gains. The 3 stocks have shocked the market by making a gain of more than 80% as a whole. Individually, the returns are even more. 

Adani green energy ltd, one of the three stocks, gained more than 118% in the last six months fetching home a peaceful heart for a lot of its investors. Note that this increase came from the low of Rs. 545. Apart from investors, a lot of private equity funds and mutual funds increased their holding in the stock. 

The market capitalization of Adani green energy, which focuses on renewable power generation and distribution, stood at 1,83,169.53 crores. The company works together with the government and supplies renewable energy to both the centre and the state. The investors are still optimistic about the growing trend. 

DLF Limited

DLF Limited is a commercial estate developer that rose to gain about 111% in the markets. It stood at a stunning 326 in March from its lowest point of Rs. 155 in September. 

DLF cyber city developers, a subsidy of the company, made an acquisition worth 51.8% in Fairleaf real estate. This 779.40 crores' deal locked by the company pushed the stock further during the last couple of months. This caused the share prices to jump by 13% in a single day! Apart from this, a lot of other variables which increased the investors' trust laid the road for the company to make a stunning comeback in the stock markets.

Motherson Sumi Systems Limited

Last on the list is Motherson Sumi. This stock, just like its peers in the list, scored a gain of 107% from a mere 113 in September to 233.85 this month. The company has shown good trends despite facing a few setbacks owing to the pandemic. 

Net sales of the company saw year-on-year growth of roughly 17%, and on a standalone basis, quarterly net profit stood at 249.25 crore, which is about a 49.67% increase from that of the 2019. A 198% rise in its PAT (Profit after tax) as per the 3rd quarterly results was an important factor in turning the market's attention to its side. Various strategies adopted by Vivek Chaand Sehgal were efficient in making the stock a must pick for our portfolios

The Bottom Line

These gainers seemed to be the superheroes who saved us and our day. A lot of other stocks changed the tides, but the above seemed to have generated some exorbitant returns.

Do you own some of the stocks mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer - Our content is intended to be used and must be used for informational purpose only. It is very important to do your own research before making any investment decisions.

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