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Top 5 Stock Market Courses for Beginners

Created on 27 Jan 2022

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Remember those old days, (90’s kids alert) just some 20 years ago when most of you were just kids. TV was a luxury, mobile phones nearly didn't exist, a common man had nothing in the name of technology. 
Fast Forward to this day, just take a moment and compare how things have changed in a small span of time. Isn't it? 
To keep up with this fast-paced world, you have to keep on learning. We grow better when we learn better. And for stock market lovers like you and me, it is a must. 
So to uplift your learning process, we are here to help you out! Today, we bring to you the top 5 stock market courses that will clear your basics and make you acumen with the right knowledge. Let’s get started. 

Stock Market Courses

Stock market courses help the learner to get a grasp of the basics of financials and also help in building the calibre to understand the financial statements of the company. This will lead to increased efficiency and enhance the decision of investing for the learner. These courses also make the learners equipped with the different strategies used in the market. 

This will act as a guiding tool. And in later stages, investors or traders can make their own strategies. Some courses also help learners to gain knowledge about how to collect the right information about the market and further on, use that information to develop the strategies for investing. 

Importance of Stock Market Courses

The stock market courses help people to sharpen their financial and trading skills. This will equip them to make better trading and investing strategies. They also provide ways and techniques to earn better returns from smaller investments. And also make them aware of things not to do in the market. Or to better understand and analyze their past mistakes. They will also make you aware of different conditions prevailing in the market and make you ready to face the challenges the market throws at you. 

This will train you as per the time period for which you want to invest in the market. By enrolling in a formal training program, you may learn about technicalities, techniques, and adjustments, as well as the dangers associated with the stock market.

There are multiple courses available in the market for learning stock market basics. While there are numerous short-term courses that teach students the practical skills needed in stock trading, there are also various degree programs that incorporate this field as a supplemental topic. 

These courses, which are often related to business, seek to educate learners with an understanding of Stock Markets, Financial Risk Management, security analysis, and Financial Markets, among other topics.

Even NSE and BSE also provide their own courses. NSE provides its courses under the names of NISM and NIFM. Multiple courses are available on the platforms like Udemy and Coursera as per the level of difficulty and the topics one wants to learn. So, without waiting any further, take a look at the courses below. 

Top 5 Stock market courses

Stock Pathshala
The website provides multiple courses in the field of investing and trading. Few of the courses available are future and options courses, derivative market trading, technical analysis course, currency markets, and many more. It covers almost all the trading segments in the stock market. It also provides a basic course on stock markets as well. This course is offered free of cost. This course covers all the basics one should know before entering the market. After this course, one can opt for strategy-specific courses depending on their niche market. This is a 100% online and self-paced course. One can learn as per their requirements and availability of time. After completion of this basic course, one can go for technical and fundamental courses for a better understanding of the market. These courses are also helpful in investing decisions. 

Quest’s Beginners Guide to Stock Market
Finology’s Quest also provides multiple courses for each level of learners. The ones who are just starting to play in the sector can begin their learning journey with Quest's Beginner Guide to the stock market. It is a one-stop solution to all the queries of beginners in the stock market. The duration of the course is approximately 2 hours. It has been bifurcated into 9 lessons. If you are not sure about whether to enter the market, this course will help you out and enhance your understanding of how to grow financially. The basic course outline consists of an introduction to the stock market, Different Investment Instruments, Regulators of financial markets and Common trading terminologies. There will be an assessment after clearing which you will be able to get your certification as well as start your journey in the stock market. PDFs, flashcards, assessments are provided to check your understanding. This course is provided free of cost to all the learners. 

This website also provides online stock market courses. It offers a trading mentorship program to become pro in the equity markets. It consists of 40 hours of live classes along with 4 live trading sessions to get hands-on experience of how to trade in the stock market. This will also provide you with personal guidance to behave in the stock market by the market experts. It also offers the basics of stock market courses in collaboration with the NSE academy which is a subsidiary unit of the National Stock Exchange of India. It contains 60+ lecture videos along with 6+ hours of video content. It also provides the written handout as well in combination to the video content. The difficulty level is very low. This has a validity of 3 years. After that the license will expire, one needs to again clear the test. It also provides a preview of the course to check whether it suits your needs and requirements. The learners have given 4.5 stars rating to this course. In order to receive the certification, one needs to clear the test which will test the understanding of the learner.

The corporate finance institute provides a Capital Markets and security analyst (CMSA) program. The course is designed to understand the fundamentals of equity markets. The course is of intermediate level. This one is a paid course. This can be completed approximately in 4 hours. And this course is 100% online and self-paced. This will be a perfect choice for one who has currently less experienced in the equity market and is eager to know more about it. Few of the topics covered in this course include asset classes, the risk versus return, CAPM, Beta, and understanding the concept of beta through excel and Bloomberg. It has also explained the types of funds, types of equity then discussed the order mechanics, it also touches upon the valuation and trading strategies. This also provides a free preview to get a look at what this course has to offer you.

Quest’s Buffettology
If you know even the basics of trading, you would have heard about the great value investor “Mr Warren Buffett '' This course is for you if you want to understand his thinking and invest in value-creating stocks. This course covers the Investment Lessons from Warren Buffett, How he selects businesses for investment, Investing in Buffett Style, and How he came across these investing concepts. 

Every year Mr. Buffett writes letters to his shareholders discussing the future plans and how well it is growing in comparison to earlier. This course will help you to think like him and understand the concepts in the Indian context. It consists of 8 modules which can be completed in 4 hours. 

This course is also provided free of cost. In order to get the certification, the learners need to clear the assessments which will check the level of your understanding and applicability of the concepts explained during the course. 

To make your work simpler, here is a link to Quest! Go see for yourself how awesome these courses are.

Bottom Line 

That was the list for the basic understanding of the stock market for beginners. If you are looking forward to learning more about investing, check out Finology’s Quest. The courses mentioned will provide you with the starting point but after that as well there is a lot to learn about this space. Worry not, multiple courses are available for those stages as well. 

Have you tried any of the above-mentioned courses? If yes, share your reviews in the comment section to help out others to select the best course for them. 

Happy Investing! It's never too late to take advantage of compounding.

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