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Ultimate Investing Platform: The Finology Guide

Created on 27 Dec 2023

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Updated on 13 Mar 2024

Ultimate Investing Platform: The Finology Guide

I know the title sounds like a huge declaration to make. But, the platform discussed in this article is worth it. Hear me out. 🫴

Recently, in our official inbox, we received feedback from a reader with this simple yet interesting subject line: “Connect Everything Finology Offers”.

Finology, a fintech startup, provides a myriad of products catering to the varying needs of investors, beginner and experienced alike. This way, every user’s dream of generating wealth for a comfortable & luxurious lifestyle gets accomplished with ease.

In case you are not familiar, Insider is also tucked neatly within Finology aside from its other comrades, bringing the one-stop investing idea to fulfilment.   

Here’s a peek at all the amazing superpowers you can get with Finology. 🦸

Finology Guide

The above road map explains everything Finology proffers to you in a nutshell. Let’s dive deep into what Finology brings to a user’s plate by going through the products one by one.

The Finology Superpowers: Make Your Investments Fly High

The main feature of Finology’s offerings is that every product is interconnected to the other, making up a funnel-like structure. This structure guides an investor without fail from the beginning to the end of their financial journey.
Let’s dissect each powerful product in Finology that will guide you from a curious investor into a market maven!

Select: Select-ing was never as Easy 🤗

Many believe the first step of investing is to find the right stock or mutual fund to invest in. But that’s not true. The actual one is to open a Demat account.
I mean, duh! It’s practically impossible to invest without a Demat account, right?

Finology had created Select to be the first stop from where investors could begin their investing journey. Banking on the #BigOnLife motto, Select provides information about all the stock brokers, along with details about their maintenance charges, brokerage fees, and more.

What makes Select different from its competitors is that it also has a credit card comparison option.

The complications of purchasing a credit card will now be gone from your life. You can easily find the right credit card suitable for your wallet and requirements with just a few clicks on your laptop (or mobile) screen.

  • Details like ratings, offerings, pros & cons, etc., are listed for individual cards and brokers.
  • Specialised technical and customer reviews about brokers and credit cards describing user’s experience.
  • Algorithm-based questionnaires are available for personalised preferences.

Told you Select makes choosing easy and much better.
Give Select a try by clicking here. ⬅️

Quest: Educating the Masses to Make Money 📖

Now that you have a Demat account, it’s time to get acquainted with the basics of the financial realm. If you understand jargon like shares and P/E ratio, congratulations!

But do you know how to choose the best stocks or mutual funds from the thousands present in the market? Quest defines how basic or complicated it can get in the stock market via elaborate courses. And they do it in a unique style, making learning fun and hassle-free.

Whether you are looking for a beginner guide to the stock market or expert insights on stock picking ideas, Quest has it all. With the motto #DumpYourFears, Quest understands the user's desire to learn more about the investing realm and delivers on it amazingly.

Interim seminars, webinars, and events taking place throughout the year are a testament to that. An excellent example of such an event is the “Value Investor Carnival” which included India’s top fund managers, YouTubers, and industry experts discussing their favourite stocks, sectors, and more.

Additionally, you can learn about your financial ability by taking varying quizzes. And the best part? You get a valid certificate to show the precious hours you spent while finishing the courses. It could be a little something to attach to your resume. 📑

Great, right? So, what are you waiting for? Begin your financial education from here. ⬅️

Ticker: Your Fundamental Analysis Partner 📉

After learning the A, B, and Cs of investing from Quest, it’s time for some practical applications. For this, Finology has curated the perfect platform.

Ticker by Finology, a fundamental stock analysis product, allows investors to select the “right stock” fitting for their personalised portfolio. Whether you wish to choose companies with a ₹5,000 crore market capitalisation or zero debt, Ticker will help you find them.

With screening tools, bundles, and sector divisions, finding stocks most fitted would be a cakewalk.

Being #FindGreatness, Ticker accomplishes the significant task of becoming a source of information for masses around the globe. And they do this without the usual complications that are a part of fundamental stock analysis.

Plus, features like Super Investors and IPO details give users an edge to take their investment plans to the next level.

Try the many offerings Ticker contains by visiting their official website.

Recipe: Your Non-Influenced Expert Advice 🤵‍♂️

Ask yourself this question before you start pooling your money for investments. Is your financial plan based on technicalities, or is it influenced by what the people in your circle tell you?

In most cases, the answer to this question leans towards the latter. We see someone investing ₹3,000 monthly in a mutual fund and decide to follow the same pattern.

But what you don’t know is you might be losing good returns or spending your money on unsuitable investments. Along with the issue of misselling, several more problems are a daily occurrence in financial markets, some of which are:

  • Huge dependence on financial advisors.
  • Expensive services from advisory firms, screening platforms, calculators, etc.
  • Absence of readily available detailed reports on stocks.

Recipe by Finology is the solution to these problems. ⬆️

With 100% tech-friendly options like calculators and goal planners, you can build a financial schedule as per your needs.

It also offers detailed Research Reports explaining the business model, SWOT analysis, and pros & cons of varying stocks. Hence, making informed investment decisions would be much easier with Recipe, emphasising strongly its motto #Don'tBeASlave!

Explore Recipe for the perfect financial plan by clicking here.

Insider: Your Go-To Information Vault 🗃️

It’s finally time for Yours Truly! 🤗

When it comes to investments, hardcore facts and correct figures are what you need. Insider by Finology, with its #KnowItAll motto, does just that by bringing unbiased facts to the forefront.

Whether it’s about a new government loan scheme or an upcoming IPO, nothing is hidden from Insider’s sharp eyes. 1500+ articles are proof of that.

Everyone digs short and crisp news details, right? Detailed articles with what’s going on in the business world right now; you will find its Bullets section very useful.

Both straightforward and complicated queries related to types of equity shares or analysing a company’s stock are available absolutely free.  

Explore what you wish to know about from Insider.

Finology ONE: One in All, All in ONE

Remember how I told you that Finology’s products create a funnel-like structure? They provide an ultimate subscription plan containing all the products (except Select), hence giving maximum value to the subscribers.

Just check out the offerings subscribers receive with Finology ONE subscription. 👇

The Bottom Line

Just like Doreamon’s pocket, Finology ONE will whip out the right solution to your investment problems. You can get multiple gadgets to make your investment journey smooth sailing and filled with profitable surprises.
From deciphering company reports to mastering financial planning, it equips you with the knowledge and confidence to chart your financial goals.

So, do you agree with our opinion that Finology is the ultimate investment platform? Let’s have a debate in the comments section. You can also share your feedback about any topic you wish us to write on, and we will deliver.

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